Press Release

February 23, 2018
As per the research conducted by Maru/VCR&C and authorized by Telus Health, Canadians are highly interested in the healthcare management system using modern technology.
February 09, 2018
Social media platform is considered to be vital to reach out to a wider audience. A few years ago, there were only one or two platforms to connect to. However, this has changed dramatically. It is now important for businesses to connect to their consumers on a range of social media accounts.
February 01, 2018

Social media platforms are an integral part of our daily lives. Let BluEnt utilize this platform to showcase your brand and products to drive maximum customers in a positive way. Our experts will help accomplish the desired outcome with the help of smart social media marketing strategies for e-commerce.

January 12, 2018
Healthcare is essential to human life and hospital being a central part need to be managed efficiently. A way of ensuring this is through the implementation of a well setup hospital management system
January 02, 2018
The 'CRM solution' is considered to be very useful software for businesses around the globe. It helps them to manage interactions with constituents. It allows the organizations to meet their goals by both tracking and reporting details about the people/customer that the company engages with.
January 02, 2018
E-commerce trend is expanding in almost every industry for many reasons. It keeps your business in the competitive environment which leads to better exposure and productivity. Most businesses want a shopping cart on their official website for the customer assistance.
January 01, 2018
The rapid technological development can be witnessed in every industry and business sector. Healthcare is also amongst the business sectors which have been greatly impacted by the advanced technologies. The pioneering hospital management systems make it easier to carry out the day to day administration tasks with great efficiency and outstanding flawlessness.

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