How BluEnt can boost your business to the next level with Custom Application Development

BluEnt explains why it is better to invest your time, effort and money into customized app that are a better fit for your organization, rather than pre-packaged software.

Toronto, CA – June 30, 2017: BluEnt has been in mobile and web app development for the last 15 years. In our experience, we have come to know that business should run the software and not the other way round. Too many off-the-shelf software do not comply to the distinct requirements of a business. This is why, we highly recommend custom app development. We also recommend businesses to outsource custom application development to companies like BluEnt. It is time and resource saving and benefits are numerous.

Tailored solutions are flexible alternatives to proprietary software. There are so many things that you miss out when you dive for that licensed software. BluEnt provides robust custom applications for small, medium and enterprise businesses which boost productivity, improve customer experience and but business ahead in competition.

Here is why BluEnt’s solutions are the right fit for your business:

  • Our custom app development is highly focused and tailor made
    Our developers have years of experience at their hands. They are aware of the miniscule issues that your industry is going through. We are ready to provide you with consultation at every step of developing the app. We follow the best industrial benchmarks to serve your business’ unique requirements.

  • We create scalable custom apps
    A growing business is a good business – and we ensure that as your business grows, your supporting software does too. Working with our developers means that they continue to maintain the program for you as long as you are in business. Our software serves your business and its needs, not limiting you and your business to the software and its needs.

  • We deliver exactly what you want
    To develop custom mobile applications means creating a no-nonsense, niche specific and solution-centric platform. This trait, unfortunately, is not present in off-the-shelf-apps. They are made for general use and therefore, fail to identify your special business needs. Want 2 payment gateways instead of 1? Done. Do not want a camera feature? Removed. As simple as that. Our custom applications put your business first.

  • You are the master of your app
    Developers of packaged software own rights to the code and app. However, when you get custom web apps for your business, you allow your business a competitive edge, one that your competitors do not have. Using similar software denies you of any competitive leverage but BluEnt’s custom apps let you control change, add new features and allow for updates when you feel like.

  • Development and Maintenance
    Off-the-shelf software are at the mercy of the developing company. If the company decides to shut down, your business will come to a standstill and suffer losses. However, with custom app for your business, you can maintain the software as long as you require it to be. Having a stronghold over build reduces issues with bugs and you get unparalleled support from the development team.

  • No additional investments in making hardware compatible
    BluEnt’s custom solutions are compatible. Since we build the software with you and for you, the app is more than capable of operating on your current hardware components and software packages. This is a risk factor in using off-the-shelf platform. As the independent develop releases new updates, your older hardware refuses to support it. Our custom solutions, on the other hand, fit perfectly with your business ecosystem. They resonate with your hardware and personnel without errors. The best part is, you can decide to upgrade the app when your hardware components get refurbished.

  • Overall boost in productivity and efficiency
    This is clearly understood. When your team has a software that is adaptable, scalable and compatible, their jobs will be more effective and productive. Which is why, BluEnt’s custom app developer team is your go-to team for creating solutions that build businesses. Get in touch today for free consultation on how your app idea can be a reality with us.

About Us:

Formed in 2003, BluEnt specializes in proving custom websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and internet marketing services for companies running an online dependent business or looking to develop tools to efficiently automate and monitor active processes in their organization. With 11 growing offices situated around the world, BluEnt is respected globally for its consistent quality of services and timely delivery of projects. We use our experience across industries and software applications to help enterprises derive maximum value out of their resources and investments.

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Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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