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BluEnt is your trusted provider of IT services. We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects since 2003.


We believe in responsibility to our customers – for every action, outcome, and consequence. Our certified and experienced solution architects and programmers are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. read more




Services include custom mobile apps, web portals, custom applications, JIRA customization, big data management, software as a service, eCommerce integrations, IT consulting, and more for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and funded startups. Check out our full service list!


What We Offer

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Analytics and Dashboards

Base your critical business decisions on the latest, most reliable insights with our big data analytics services. Get big data analytics

Mobile Application Development

Application Development

Need a custom mobile app for your business? Ask, and it shall be developed. We use the latest tools and frameworks to deliver the highest quality products. Get a custom mobile app developed

Portal & Web Application Development

Portal & Web
Application Development

We develop web apps and portals that are robust and scalable. Want to integrate systems for better business management? Get web apps and portals

Technology Platforms

Open Source
CMS Solutions

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. Choosing the right technology solution, whether plugin development, theme installation or anything else, for your project is crucial. Get technology platform solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Take your product or brand to the marketplace with our comprehensive range of eCommerce solutions. Get eCommerce solutions

Digital Media Marketing

Media Marketing

We connect, engage and involve your audience. We use advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help sell and promote your product. Get digital marketing services

Web Design & Development

Design & Development

We design & develop websites with great UI/UX that are meaningful to every reader, at any time, on any device. Get a website developed

Web Application Maintenance & Support

Web Application
Maintenance & Support

Get pre & post app implementation support services: app hosting, updating, performance tuning, legacy migration, system integration and testing. Benefit from web application maintenance support

Businesses that love growth love our services. Unlock your potential with


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