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App Implementation

Your new application is tested, delivered and ready to be installed.

Depending on whether the application is made to replace an older one or it’s a brand new application, we recommend the following types of implementation:


Testing by launching a small part, one module, or a few features of the application, seeing the reaction from users, managing the servers and loads, and application tuning.

This also makes it easy on the training and doesn’t scare the user by suddenly showing a lot of new menus and options. Features are released slowly as the users get used to them.

Phased Implementation

It starts with a pilot implementation. However, it is planned in stages relating to the business. For example, it may be rolled out department wise or location wise.


If the application is made to take over an older application, often both applications are run in parallel for some time.


This is a hard and sudden switchover from an older application to a newer one.

We take you through the best implementation strategy, pre-implementation readiness, and post-implementation support. The key to a successful implementation is having a backup and a stage rollback plan.

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