Application Migration

BE Transformed: The transition from one operating environment to another is a complex task. Application migration, integration, and updating are known to be both expensive and challenging.

BluEnt gives you an application migration plan that can simplify this process. Because we think of the solutions before, during and after 'the move.'

How? As we:

  • Work along with your team to help them acclimatize to the new environment quicker.
  • Ensure all the features of the new software or hardware are being leveraged effectively.
  • Check whether your settings and features are intact.
  • Take care of details, even the status of every application that is running on the new system.

Our certified and trained specialists, engineers and consultants have migration and integration experience along with the engineering skills in varied platforms. They have completed numerous application migrations and upgrade projects for our global clientele.

BluEnt's Application Migration Methodology:

  • Client consultation regarding specifications and migration needs.
  • Evaluation of available technology and selection of a suitable platform.
  • Planning and allocation of resources and skills.
  • Deployment and testing.
  • Extensive training for users, employees, and owners.
  • Assessment of existing IT and application infrastructure.
  • Project design and scope.
  • Security planning and consideration.
  • Integration with the existing system and client approval.

We recommend our dedicated model where we assign a virtual support team for your application maintenance. Keep in mind that our application maintenance services are not restricted to applications built by us, in fact, we also support the third-party applications (both customized and packaged) such as application migration to the cloud.

Services We Offer:

Application migrations could be from one language to another, upgrading of databases or moving from one platform to the other.

Our application migration services include:

  • Re-design the User Interface
  • HTML Website to CMS Website
  • Database Migration and Conversion
  • Legacy Application Migration
  • Visual Basic to Visual Basic.NET Migration
  • Static Website to Dynamic Website
  • Open Source Migration
  • Data Migration from Old to New Application
  • ASP.NET to PHP Migration

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