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Technology &
Development Solutions

BluEnt is dedicated to providing custom solutions for your technology-specific business requirements.

Whether it is a single product or a combination of various service solutions, our experienced team will develop practical yet innovative solutions, tailored to your business requirements.

Collaboration, Live Help & Teamwork

From optimizing teamwork through audio and video calling apps to dealing with customers’ enquiries via chatbots, we’ll give you a solution that helps you run your business like a well-oiled machine.

Sell Online

Online purchases have become the norm in many parts of the world. To ignore it could lead to losses.

BluEnt helps you get more orders and more customers by developing eCommerce websites, providing eCommerce solutions, and taking care of supply chain management.

Lead Management

Proper lead management helps you synchronize your marketing and sales strategies to create a more powerful potential client pool.

Your business needs an effective and organized process to improve conversion rate and eventually bring in more dollars.

BluEnt designs a tailor-made lead management solution that allows you to identify, understand, score, nurture, track and measure your leads in a smoother way.

Team, Tasks & Invoicing

Custom project management solutions enhance coordination in organizations.

Strong teams, no matter the size, always follow an organized process for managing tasks, scheduling meetings, preparing invoices, managing resources, etc.

BluEnt untangles your worries about your employees, projects and money by developing a custom-made solution for you.

Content Management

Content is a crucial part of any business that wants to get leads online. This is why you need organizational-specific content management practices or solutions to structure your content specific tools.

BluEnt has mastered the art of organizing content by developing business-specific content management solutions.


BluEnt offers various engagement models to meet every outsourcing needs. Our delivery models are customized to suit our customer’s business strategy, size, and IT budget.

Some of our popular pricing models include hourly basis, fixed cost, and dedicated resources.


What’s up, doc? How can we help?

Our custom solutions address many challenges so that your healthcare company can run smoothly and provide the best of services to your patients.

Live patient care, planning and scheduling health care appointments, enabling collaborative surgeries – we do it all. 

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