Technology & Development Solutions

BluEnt is dedicated to transforming ideas into solutions for your technology-specific business requirements.

Whether it is a single product or a combination of multiple service solutions, our enthusiastic team will pursue practical yet innovative solutions, utilizing the extensive experience and creative insight.

Collaborative & Social

Social collaboration has an agenda of shrinking the world and connecting people or businesses as never before.

Sell Online

Buying online has become a very usual part of our lives as you can enjoy and avail a wide variety of products or services at a click.

Technology has enabled everyone to access the internet (like you breathe oxygen) and one can literally sell anything virtually if done right. BluEnt helps you in achieving your virtual-world dreams.


Lead Management

Thought through lead management helps you synchronize your marketing and sales strategies to create a more powerful potential client pool. Your business needs an effective and organized process to improve the conversion rate and eventually, bring in more dollars.

BluEnt designs a well suited tailor-made lead management solution which would allow you to identify, understand, score, nurture, track and measure your leads in a smoother way.

Team, Tasks & Invoicing

Custom made project management solutions enhance association and coordination within the organizations. Stronger teams, despite the size, always need to follow an organized process for managing tasks, scheduling meetings, preparing invoices, task accomplishment data, resource management etc.

BluEnt untangles your worries about your employees, projects or money by developing a custom-made solution for you.


Content Management

Content is a compelling part of any business which controls and automates every department within your organization. Do you think writing content is enough? Not really. You need an organizational specific content management practices or solutions to structure your content specific tools.

BluEnt masters this art of organizing your content by developing your business specific content management solutions.


BluEnt offers various engagement models to meet every outsourcing needs. Our delivery models are customized to suit our customer's business strategy, size, and IT budget.

Some of our popular pricing models include hourly basis, fixed cost, and dedicated resources.



What's up, doc? How can we help? Live patient care, planning and scheduling health care appointments, or performing collaborative surgeries – our custom solutions cover it all.


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