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    Get web products, desktop products,
    and mobile products designed as a
    service or an installable package

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Product Development

Get a web product, desktop product or mobile product designed as a service or an installable package. We will make sure there is a need for your product, it’s easy to use, and does the job well.

Brent Blasingame Owner, StatLink Systems

Ben Trowbridge

Ben Trowbridge Chairman, Outsourcing Center


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App Solutions

BE Modular


Building a product is all about identifying and prioritizing the blocks. A good product is meant to solve everyone else’s problem. No sweat. Let’s solve yours first.


BE Friendly


To be popular, a product must interface with others or be interfaceable. Your product should have an application programming interface (API) that other applications can use to share data with you, adhering to your house rules and through your doors or windows without bringing the house down!


Value Achieved

Maximum Value

We’ve been building products for decades. Check out some of the product types on our solutions page. We have libraries of tried and tested code, logic and experience ready to use and save you money. 


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