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Are my employees putting enough efforts to pull off the project successfully? Am I able to manage my project without delays? Have I billed my clients correctly?

Business owners are always caught up with such questions. Isn't it? Especially when you are relying on excel sheets and paper bills to track your business. It's 21st century fellas! You seriously need to modernize your working tactics to stay focus on your business strategies rather than spending time on obvious work like attendance tracking, organizing productive hours, material management etc.

Businesses related to consulting, law, outsourcing, courier and many similar concepts must have such tools custom-made for their service industry. Email Us Know more about BluEnt's Timesheet & Invoice Management
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Tracking productive time using excel sheets becomes frantic and investing time in ready-made tools which mostly facilitate the features not related to your business needs become chaotic. As most of us define our work as a project nitty gritty, flipping social media websites, (sometimes personal chats) , reading work emails and drafting hefty reports, it becomes quite daunting to track what you do as well.

BluEnt provides one-stop solution to your multiple requirements as we cater quality business tools with rich features best suited to your organization. We create bespoke software to straighten out your business intricacies.

Factors required in the custom-made tool:

  • Ease to use
  • Able to integrate features with popular readymade tools
  • Stopwatch per project life
  • Mobile solution for visits on-site
  • Mobile solution for visits on-site
  • And, much more

After gathering years of experience as an outsourcing company, we can positively say that every business will not fit with the ready to pick timesheet and invoice tools available in the market. Getting your bespoke solution for project management would be more effective than buying ready-to-use solutions.

Let's understand the features fit your business best.

Translate Team, Tasks & Invoicing into an experience.
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BluEnt's Maximum Value. Achieved promise boxBluEnt's "Maximum Value. Achieved" promise box

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Right from architecting your app strategy, to prototyping; from app designing and development to testing – and app launch – we diligently recommend the framework and follow the processes to give you the ultimate user experience. Let's chat and understand your business objectives - and the purpose of developing an app. Team, Tasks & InvoicingKnow more about BluEnt's Team, Tasks & Invoicing Services
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