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Leaves & Attendance Management

The idea of how businesses approach customer
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them forms their CRM strategy.

Leaves & Attendance Management Tools

We craft HR portals to maximize your organization’s productivity.

Get a multi-featured leave and attendance tool that will enhance your efficiency and allow you to focus on other tasks.

Your human resource department has a flock of employees to manage and counsel, organizational errors to rectify, and much more.

Leaves & attendance management should better be left to software that drastically reduces errors.

If your HR employees are multitasking and struggling through monthly projects, it becomes a daunting task to keep their focus on details of absence or compensatory adjustments.

How will attendance management tools transform your business?

  • Track employee productivity

  • Updated leave policies can be implemented

  • Direct employee access to real-time leave balance

  • MIS reports for leave history of an individual employee

  • Streamline employee attendance

  • Synchronize with multiple attendance device

  • Single click views of total hours, late, overtime or absence of an employee for a single day or month can be tracked

BluEnt has a team of experienced developers and HR professionals to guide you through real-time challenges and customize a seamless attendance and leave management tool for your organization.

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Leaves & Attendance Management Tools

Translate team, tasks & invoicing into an experience.

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