05 Dec 2017

Vital Do’s and Don’ts of MVP

Nothing can be as bad as spending a lot of money and hundreds of hours for developing a perfect app only to find out that the app is not at all liked by the audience or there's no market for it?

This is a big risk and every app developer's nightmare. How Do You Deal With It?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is what you can use to get your app's idea validated and garner feedback for the further app development.

What is an MVP?

MVP is an early version of the app or your product which contains bare minimum features required for facilitating the core functionality of the app. The MVP is specifically developed to satisfy the early adopters with the product and ensure that there exist some market for the product being developed. The feedback of the Minimum Viable Product is then used for full-fledged product development.

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The underlying point of developing the MVP is to find out that which of your assumptions about the product, market and users are right and wrong. No matter how experienced or expertise oriented you are, some of your assumptions can be wrong and MVP saves you from taking bigger risks.


One of the biggest reasons behind the failure of an app is "no market need" and this is the central idea behind Minimum Viable Product, that is, to find whether an app or certain features are required or not.

MVP Do's

While most of the tech experts agree with the benefits of MVP, but, are not clear about the vital "Do's" of the Minimum Viable Product.

Here are the imperative points which you need to consider while developing an Minimum Viable Product:

  • Use Real Data

    Consider using the real data for MVP. It's not a dummy product but is a real app with limited functionality. So, if you use "Lorem Ipsum" instead of real data, the users' of MVP would not be able to develop a clear understanding of the app.

  • Deploy An Experienced Team For Minimum Viable Product

    Using an experienced team would ensure that the Minimum Viable Productis developed in the most appropriate manner and is best-in-class. The more focus you give on the quality of MVP, the better results you would get in its feedback.

  • Minimum Viable Product Should Be Scalable

    At the end of the day, an MVP can only be successful if it can be scaled into a full-fledged product. A Minimum Viable product should be scalable to an MMP (Minimum Marketable Product). Making an MMP simply means emphasizing on the core problem which you are trying to solve and delivering a concise solution.

  • Consider MVP As A Process

    Most developers make the mistake of considering Minimum Viable Product as a product, but, in actuality, it's a process. Minimum Viable Product is a process which can be repeated over and over again. Simply identify your riskiest assumption related to the app, and find out the smallest possible way to test these assumptions, so that its results can be used to improve the product.

  • Put Your Product In Front Of The Real Users

    The only way of testing your assumptions pertaining to the product is to put it in front of the real users. Consider every piece of advice and feedback given by the real users to improve your app and make it engrossing.

MVP Don'ts

Here are the MVP Don'ts that must be mulled over while developing an MVP:

  • Don't Choose The Wrong Development Methodology

    A Minimum Viable Product works best if the feedback garnered from its consumers flows back directly into the product development. The development of a Minimum Viable product is TDD (Test Driven Development), a staple of Agile development.

  • Don't Build MVP The Wrong Way

    Yes, there's a right and a wrong way to build the Minimum Viable Product. In the right way, the developers put more emphasis on "viable" part while the wrong way focuses more on the "minimum" part of the Minimum Viable Product.


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