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A brand asset or an application's function is to help achieve the company's business goals. The goal of your idea or product could be to gain external popularity and revenue or its just that you need an internal rollout and user acceptance of an intranet tool that automates a process and increases efficiency and human performance.

It could also be that your digital application is what your entire company is all about.

All goals eventually lead to profitability! BluEnt does much more than automation, adding analytics, or extending online presence. BluEnt is a digital agency that focuses on creating revenue abilities and cost savings from technology.

Our digital services contain the following ingredients: passion, focus and talent for creating design, brand popularity, modern digital development, analysis of business type, idea curation, idea development, user experience and interface design, content marketing, social media marketing and everything else in between which is required to create your digital product and achieve your revenue goals.

.BE Zero or One !.

Art or a business strategy, everything is digitized. People are living every aspect of their lives in zeros and ones. Sounds like the Matrix? Well, it is!

Chase perfection! Get a contemporary user design that focuses on the experience of the users in the digital world, despite the type of devices the target audience is using. We have a team of warriors in the face of creative designers, nerdy developers, geeky solution architects, strategists, art directors, writers, media strategists, SEO analysts, digital marketers, and relationship builders.

We sit together and customize the strategies to fit the trending digital culture. It's like hosting a buffet specifically for you, where you pick the dishes best suited to your taste palate (of course, with our chef's supervision) along with few experimental dishes (which are trending).

Finally, you have a customized plate just for you. Digitization is the need of the hour, so let's talk about your goals and create a plan around it.

Achieve !

Maximum Value

BluEnteers proactively devise the digital plan for your business where we brainstorm your concept to create your customized 'what to do' and 'what not to do' lists to achieve the ultimate triumph.

Creating digital customer interaction, increasing traffic, brand popularity is our first major goal, once that is achieved we build meaningful insights and dashboards around it to help you take important business decisions in time that help you put the right amount of resources on the right aspect or campaign at the right time.

Integration with other systems in your organization is part of the plan to give you a holistic picture and not leave any variable out.

We understand that successful digital strategy implementation is not only about ideas, software tools and applications it's about using their capabilities to the maximum and aligning them all together to achieve value.

+ Add Value %


Case Studies
Citrix - Case Study

Citrix is a leader in virtualization, networking and cloud infrastructure. Citrix enables enterprises to build, manage and secure virtual and mobile workspaces seamlessly. They wanted to redesign their existing website to enhance look and feel, improve navigation and provide user experiences for the users. BluEnt in collaboration with Capgemini developed HTML prototyping, custom jquery plugins, advanced CSS solutions and UX consulting.

Community Musician - Case Study

Community Musician is a mobile app for musicians to connect online and interact with musicians in other local communities. It gives communities a platform to express and pursue music, exchange tips on instruments and organize live shows.

Counterpart - Case Study

Counterpart Communication Design is an award-winning marketing communications and web management firm. Services include campaign planning, concept and creative, web content management, and onsite specialists. Clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx, Procter & Gamble, International Paper, Progressive Insurance, and Hilton Worldwide. Founded in 2002, Counterpart maintains offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas.


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