12 Dec 2017

Is Open Source Really Open? How Free Is It In the Long Run?

Ever wondered about the reality beneath the open source and the free software it promises to deliver?

Let's have a close look at the 'free' factor of the open source software.

In simple words, the open-source software is designed in a manner that can be downloaded, accessed, edited, and shared by anyone without any integrity issue. It is primarily used to design a specific software or computer program.

Importance of the Open Source

In the Modern World of Science and Technology, the open source is introduced in a broader and smarter way. It includes the following:

  • Cooperative participation

  • Transparency

  • Group development

  • Importance of the talent

The Open Source Software

The software, which gives the public a right to access particular software without paying for the software, is called open source software. It comes with a source code that can easily be customized, inspected, and improvised by any individual.

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Source Code

Source code refers to the building block or the fundamental element of a computer program that is created by a programmer. It can be easily understood by the people accessing it. The source code is the driver of the software and decides how software will run. In the open source software, the source code is accessible to the developers, which they can modify as per their requirement.

Closed Source & Open Source Software

There are two types of source codes, which decides whether the software will be accessible to the public or not.

The source codes that are available to all the people are called open source, whereas the codes that are available only to the people who are associated with the development procedure are called closed source or proprietary software. The licensed agreements need to be accepted in both the cases but the rules and regulations of the open source are highly different from that of the closed ones.

Advantages of the Open Source Software

Advantages of-the-Open-Source-Software

The open source software offers numerous benefits. They are as follows:

  • Doesn't involve any complex initiation.

  • Is available to everyone.

  • It is editable, shareable, and can be enhanced.

  • Doesn't charge any fees for the access.

  • It promotes cooperation.

  • Is beneficial for programmers as well as non-programmers.

Why Choose the Open Source Software?

People rely on open source software over the proprietary software for the following reasons:

  • Authority- The software offers complete control over the system.

  • Mentorship- It helps the programmers sharpen their skills.

  • Security- It is considered as more secure than the closed version.

  • Stability- It offers stable support throughout.

Is the Software Really Free & Open?

The term 'free' doesn't mean economically free. The developers might charge for the support and services. This way the software is free but the supporting facilities are chargeable.

Open source software promotes coordination and cooperation that helps improve the skills of the programmers in an easy manner.

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