21 Feb 2018

Augmented Reality: The Future of Screen Sharing

The development of augmented and virtual reality devices has really speeded up in the last decade – and for the foreseeable future, they're here to stay! At BluEnt, we're always on the lookout for technological mix n match and we think combining screen sharing and augmented reality is not only possible, but fun to do!

By adding another layer on top of your natural field vision, you can enrich your presentation with several cool add-ons.

Augmented Reality in Screen Sharing

So, how can AR in screen sharing help in making projects cooler?

Because of their ability to collect and display information, augment and virtual reality devices can substitute 'old presentation methods' including screen sharing.

All you need to do is share your AR enabled screen with your clients and they will be able to picturize their new house just like you do.

Augmented Reality in Screen Sharing

This is just one of the many feats augmented reality is capable of achieving. Not only can you enable your clients to get a feel of your design, you are also giving them an opportunity to share feedback on how this particular design will appear in their region. Move over costly flight tickets and back and fro communication – AR is the new king of the tech world!

Expert consultation with Desktop Screen Sharing

You can also involve experts to consult with desktop screen sharing

There are several industry verticals where workers and contractors are unable to communicate – mainly because the on-ground and remote work environments are entirely different from each other. Let's say you are a drilling engineer with an Oil and Gas Company, posted out of Saudi Arabia. Your tech team sits somewhere in USA. There is a major pipeline leakage in your area and you want expert advice before you decide to dig in for damage control. You can share your screen and give the experts an idea about the demographics and the affected areas. These experts can then consult you and you can take remedial steps quickly.

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Workplace transformation with AR

Transforming your workplace with augmented reality, As the technology of AR goes beyond early adopters and becomes mass preferred, there will be interesting breakthroughs.

We believe augmented reality will bring radical transformations to the workplace with its ability to add comprehensive contextual information about how to interact with the workplace environment. Various team members can collaborate easily when they are able to share the same screen and see their partner's progress levels.

Workplace transformation with AR

You can always take help of your designing team to come up with innovative AR methods and their incorporation in your business. BluEnt's VP remarks, "It's interesting to note the value designers bring to the presentation. Many experienced designers are experimenting with Augmented Reality. Combine it with the art of presenting and you have got a full-fledged business vertical opened up for your perusal."

It's always a good idea to get experts involved in your new business ideas.


BluEnt's brings the digital and technical skills of over 30 experts in the global arena. We specialize in product development and have successfully conquered on various projects on desktop screen sharing, text chatting apps etc. Our assets are our eagerness to learn more and stay updated with the latest trends in this ever-changing technology. If you are interested in knowing more about screen sharing tools or augmented reality, speak with an expert today.



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