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About Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software is an award-winning developer of interactive entertainment based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1999, it has become one of the most distinguished and recognized independent video game creators across the globe.

Their mission is “to entertain the world”. Among their most famous creations are the record-setting Borderlands franchise and the Brothers in Arms series.

Project Requirements

Gearbox Software launched their currency gift card in October 2019. They wanted to outsource the project for managing data, analytics, and data security and infrastructure. They also wanted a microsite for reporting.

Managing Data

There were various sources of data from different vendors. The goals were:

  • Consolidate all data

  • Data validation script

  • Data prep

  • Daily data update on reports


There were various sources of data from different vendors. The goals were:

  • Monthly statement for partners

  • Sales and redemption visuals

  • Sales comparison

  • Data complaints report

Microsite for Reporting

There were various sources of data from different vendors. The goals were:

  • Create a microsite for easy access to reports

  • Integration with QuickSight for accessing dashboard

  • Integration with AWS services for managing user access and roles

Data Security and Server Management

There were various sources of data from different vendors. The goals were:

  • Protected environments

  • Tightened perimeter security measures

  • Advanced authentication and authorization

  • Access control security measures

  • Managing Data – Gathering card activation and redemption data from different sources. Consolidating data and importing into AWS big data solution. Designing procedures for data validation, handling and consolidation.

  • Monthly Statement – Providing monthly statements for different platform with their fee calculation.

  • Data Analytics – Using data from AWS database, we designed different dashboards for different partners based on their privileges.

    • QuickSight – We used AWS QuickSight for designing reports

    • Microsite development for accessing AWS QuickSight reports – We create a microsite for partners to access for their dashboard.

Microsite Features:

  • Admin

    • Login/Logout/Forgot Password/Reset Password on First Login

    • Manage Users

    • Manage Dashboard

    • Manage Group Assigned Users and Dashboard

    • Manage Dashboard Permissions

Microsite Features:

  • End User

    • Login/Logout/Forgot Password/Reset Password on First Login

    • Dashboard Categorization and List

    • View Dashboard

AWS Services User for Microsite:

  • AWS Cognito

  • IAM Roles

  • AWS QuickSight API

  • Server – Managing AWS Server and Security Implementation

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The BluEnt Method

Our website developers laid out a plan to obtain the best possible results for Gearbox Software.

  • Gathering information: We coordinated with the client to understand their requirements. This helped us gain a concrete understanding of their purpose, goals, target audience, and content type.

  • Brainstorming discussions: Internal and external discussions aided us in defining the client’s expectations and delivering the best results.

  • Planning: Based on information received from the client, we decided to upload the sales data in SQL. A comprehensive table of net revenue was also prepared in SQL for analysis purposes.

  • Developing: In this stage, the sales data was uploaded in SQL. A comprehensive view was also prepared in SQL. Based on the view, the data set was prepared in QuickSight for preparation of the dashboard. The net revenue calculation was analyzed, and accordingly the calculations were replicated in QuickSight. Discussions have been ongoing with the client regarding automation of the process and the integration of Net Suite and QuickSight for recording purchase order data.

  • Testing & Final Delivery: Our team communicated consistently with developers and performed detailed testing. Test cases were created for:

    • Functional testing

    • Non-functional (UX & UI) testing

    • Internal network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

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  • AWS QuickSight

  • AWS Services
    IAM, Cognito, QuickSight API, RDS,
    EC2, CloudFront, Okta

  • .NET

  • Automation of the process.

  • Uploading of sales data.

  • Providing a comprehensive view of the data.

  • Understanding of net revenue and tier-based calculation.

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