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Counterpart Communication Design is an award-winning marketing communications and web management firm located at Memphis, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas.

They are famous for campaign planning, concept and creative strategy architecture, web content management, and effective storytelling of their clients.

Their clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx, Procter & Gamble, International Paper, Progressive Insurance, and Hilton Worldwide. Learn more at

Project Requirements

BluEnt’s job was to re-develop the website and involve complex functionalities such as flexible and interactive portfolio and client section.

Every section had its detailed page where the content management system had to accommodate multiple needs of the website.

The new website needed a set of dynamic functionalities such as add, modify and delete to play with the sliders, images, content and icons and more.

Below are the main requirements of the project:

  • Custom Theme Creation in WordPress (Design layouts were provided from the client’s end.)

  • Design Integration in WordPress

  • Theme Installation

  • Testing & Project Review

  • Client List

  • People List & Detail Page

  • Contact Us Page

  • Live Server Setup

  • Troubleshooting in Theme

  • CSS/HTML/JS Customization for Responsive Website

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The BluEnt Approach
  • Understanding the Client’s Needs – Recognizing and understanding the ground level needs raised by the client helps in accelerating the website development process. This helped us in developing the perfect web architecture. We were provided with the design layouts at the beginning. We began planning the development process after communicating the requirements and expectations.

  • Planning – Solid planning makes or breaks any web project. We structured and fixed the deliverables, resources, and timelines needed for the project. We further planned the technologies, layout installation, UI/UX and other intricate details. Our team of developers started executing the plan based on the planning stage.

  • Developing – The nitty-gritty of the website is addressed at this stage. The design layouts provided by the client is transformed into a functional model. The responsiveness of the website was redeveloped according to the client’s needs. Separate screens and distinct sections were created for the horizontal and vertical versions to match the screen resolutions of tabs, iPhones and Android phones. The development process, mostly, is divided into two parts: (a) frontend development, and (b) backend development.

  • Frontend development -involves the conversion of design layouts into HTML pages with add-on features and effects. The development was taken to a further stage by creating a responsive website. Details, like the background color in the mobile version matching with the template colors, were important.

  • Backend Development – refers to the development of the server, which is the soul behind the frontend body. It converts the user interface into a functional website. Some of the features of backend development are as follows:

    • Manage Clients – Here admin can add/edit delete the client list

    • Manage People – Here admin can add/delete/modify People (Team Members)

    • Manage Portfolio – Here admin can add/delete/modify the Portfolio list

  • Testing & Launch – The website had to go through multiple meticulous testing stages to ensure the smooth functioning of the website. Our testing team conducted various tests such as W3C, browser compatibility, device compatibility, page loading speed, responsiveness, coding, usability test, functionality tests, performance tests and a lot more to ensure that the website was ready to launch.

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  • Adobe Web Server – Apache

  • Operating System – Linux Based Server

  • Open Source Development CMS – WordPress 4.2.1

  • Language (server-side script) – PHP 5.4 or higher recommended

  • Database – MySQL 5.0.15
    or higher with PDO

  • HTML5

  • CSS3


The website, which has a complex and compelling user interface, was tested and tried until it was found compatible across all devices.

This means that the website looked the same no matter what device you were using.

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Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt team left no stone unturned and fixed everything down to the pixel level to deliver a quality product.

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