IT Trends of the Past & the Future – BluEnt’s take on shifting technological paradigms

With technological paradigms shifting dynamically in the IT sector, BluEnt observes how businesses have evolved over years to match customer expectations.

New York, USA – July 31, 2017: As IT organizations are seeking stronger strategic partnerships with IT vendors, it seems as if the days of low-cost commodity services are over.

Technological paradigms are shifting. Automated services, digital transformation and data revolution are not only streamlining how IT operates, but they are helping make great strides in quality of services offered. With everything on demand, businesses are not only seeking better service providers, they are aiming for relationships that last.

BluEnt looks at changing paradigms and shifting customer demands which are shaping the outsourcing services of tomorrow.

  • WAS: Remote Infrastructure Management
    Remote infrastructure management or RIM is not a growth option anymore for IT outsourcing service companies. This is simply because it is impossible to compete with public cloud prices. Cloud adoption has become so mainstream that its growth is at an annual compound rate of 25%.

  • IS: Cloud Integration
    Businesses are moving workloads to public cloud while maintaining private dedicated cloud networks for regulation and security. They are seeking partnerships with IT vendors who are capable of seamlessly managing and integrating their hybrid cloud ecosystems.

  • WAS: Standalone IT Services
    Most businesses who earlier opted for separate vendors to cater to varied business requirements are looking to work with dedicated services, bundled as a single package now. Standalone services no longer make any sense. Digital transformation has removed focus on compartmentalization of service delivery and is facilitating frictionless integration.

  • IS: Rapid Software Development
    More and more businesses are changing their traditional development approach to agile development and DevOps. In turn, they want to outsource custom business needs to companies who keep abreast with their working styles. They are looking for technology partners who can develop solutions which address their business pain points.

  • Advantage BluEnt
    At BluEnt, we follow Agile methodology ourselves. We believe in creating solutions which are scalable, flexible and are capable of transforming as business needs modify.

  • WAS: Outsourcing IT services because they were economical
    With more businesses requiring automation and tools for efficiencies, hiring outsourcing development team is no longer a competitive advantage. Massive productivity improvements are being driven through technology and not labor. Geography is becoming highly irrelevant while outsourcing projects.

  • IS: War of the Talents
    Not only are businesses looking forward to hire development experts, they expect to build consultancy-led engagements. Increasing demand for SMEs, advisors, consultants and specialists have inspired IT outsourcing companies to acquire talent which leads to business development.

  • Advantage BluEnt
    At BluEnt we have a diverse team of over 60 application developers, programmers and coders as well as business analysts, consultants and marketing experts who will ensure that your idea becomes a reality and reaches masses.

  • Was: IT Sector growth metrics
    The recent political and secular blows have sent outsourcing industry into a substantially decelerating spiral. The first quarter of 2017 saw only a 2.1 percent organic growth, the lowest in the last 3 years. The industry is facing tremendous pressure due to new business models, immigration-related issues, pervasive automation and shifts in digital technologies

  • IS: Business Based Metrics
    Business alliances are being forged today based on how quantifiable services are going to be. Contracts and agreements are no longer signed on transactional models but rather on business metrics. More and more businesses are focusing on how their products and services are impacting consumers, rather than convoluted outcome-based metrics.

    Outsourcing vendors are modifying their services with the rapidly evolving expectations of their clients.

Advantage BluEnt

When you share your business requirements with BluEnt, the first action is taken by experienced analysts. Your requirements are quantified into measurable action plans which are then discussed with clients to come up with effective solutions.

BluEnt is your one stop shop for all business requirements, be it custom application development, web app development, mobile app development or IT management services. We also provide consultation to startups and work on branding and marketing strategies for B2B lead generation. Let us know how we can help you!

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