Why Do Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps?

BluEnt sheds light on the importance of having mobile apps for small and medium businesses.

New York, USA – May 26, 2017: Mobile apps are an indispensable part of every business today. Several small industries have benefited from developing mobile apps. The last decade has seen mobile app development for industries and business houses on a huge level, irrespective of their size and audience they cater to.

A recent survey by ContractIQ showed that nearly 62% of businesses already have apps or are working on one. Out of these, 20% businesses use apps for branding, 30% use it for revenue generation and 50% use it for consumer engagement and support.

Another insightful report by Biznessapps shows the different kinds of small businesses which are investing in Mobile Apps to give visibility to their business.

BluEnt understands the need for developing mobile apps for your business. Here is how we feel that mobile apps can help small and medium businesses:

  • Marketing and Sales can be boosted with Geo-Targeting
    You can integrate geo-targeting in your mobile apps. With this, you can keep a track of target users. It also becomes easy to stay in touch with these users with time-sensitive and location specific messages. For instance, you can send special offers to your customers who reside near to your business or give additional discount to the frequent shoppers. With this approach, small business owners can decrease expenditures, narrow their focus and deliver targeted advertising materials to customers at the right time and at the right place. You can also combine geo-targeting with SMS texts so that you can connect immediately with customers who stay nearby your business.

  • Mobile Apps boost Customer Loyalty
    The mobile website for a business may not be visited by individual customers as there is the added pain of loading a browser, typing an address and waiting for the site to load. Business mobile app, on the other hand, are always by your side, since they can be accessed without net connectivity as well. You can reach out to your loyal customers by means of developing mobile app for awarding loyalty reward points to your customers. Boost app downloads, build a loyal customer base and grow your business with mobile apps.

  • Reach a wider audience with Mobile Apps
    You can reach out to many more potential customers by developing mobile app for business. Mobile search has become incredibly popular today. Per a research by Facebook, an average user spends 174 minutes on their mobile every day, the numbers on the higher end for younger audience. You can rely on the word of mouth publicity by your existing customers, but you can leverage new users via generic searches. Moreover, if you integrate social media along with your app will further fan out your app’s reach.

  • Payments, Scheduling and Reminders with Business Mobile Apps
    You can develop a versatile app which delivers customized services to your clients. For instance, a salon or doctor’s app can allow you to make appointments via your smartphone. A gym app or a language studio can attract new participants for its classes via their phones. You can integrate SMS service to confirm appointments and set up reminders for upcoming classes. You can also integrate payment gateways inside your apps to allow transactions via phone or POS. This nifty and handy feature is a big timesaver and the sheer convenience is bound to make people download your app, instead of registering on websites repeatedly.

  • BluEnt’s prediction of the Future
    App driven revenue projections are staggering. As per a report, non-game app downloads are predicted to grow 23% in the next five years and crossing $182 billion by 2020. The same report shows mobile app store downloads doubling between 2015 and 2020. In the next 10 years, everyone will be a smartphone shoppers. Today, 69% millennials, 53% GenXers and 16% Baby Boomers shop on their smartphones.

BluEnt feels that the numbers are set to escalate tremendously in the coming years. Are you ready for the shopper on the go? Get in touch today to know how you can benefit from business mobile app development with BluEnt!

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