BluEnt highlights monumental tips for building progressive web apps at the speed of light

New Delhi, India, October 16th, 2017: In the year 2015, Google had originally proposed the idea for building progressive web apps (PWA). The development of Progressive web apps has entirely transformed the way web browsing is done. PWA is a website that is developed to look and work like a mobile app itself. PWA uses the already built web platforms, plug in, add on, the user base and integrate that with the characteristics of a mobile app.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEnt, “We take the best parts of both the mobile application and web to create a completely different technology called the Progressive Web Apps. It has proved to be a game-changing technology in the app world. The greatest benefits of this technology is that, with PWAs, organizations don’t need to spend money on developing a separate mobile app and users don’t need to download every possible app since they may not always use them. It’s a win-win situation for both.”

BluEnt experts have outlined a few great tips and tools to build progressive apps in a shorter span of time, delivering an enriching experience to the users.

Use a Polymer Template to save time:

Polymer Template use PRPL pattern to quicken the development process of PWA and optimize the delivery of the app to a device. Polymer is a reservoir of templates and other reusable elements that helps in drastically cutting the time to set up a PWA.

BluEnt professionals use Polymer template so that they can move on to the coding process faster and not utilize their efforts on custom set up.

Manage dependencies smoothly with WebPack

Sometimes there is a requirement to develop custom apps and for that WebPack can provide great speed benefits since with this tool all non-code assets such as images, fonts, CSS, etc can be easily called as objects.

Though WebPack has a difficult learning curve it has still proved to be the perfect option for building front-end driven PWA.

With WebPack, there is no requirement for managed dependencies as it helps in creating dependency graphs easily.

Choose React as a core framework when building a PWA

React is the core framework used by BluEnt professionals. React has a component-centered approach to development. Each of the components is built using JavaScript, and it can be reused.

This comes with many advantages, such as, the professional developers do not require learning of a new language, they can use both raw as well as JSX JavaScript. Also, Rich data can be quickly passed through the DOM layer. JavaScript library allows the BluEnt developers to overcome obstacles of app managementwhile delivering it for many different operating systems, browsers, and devices

Make the coding process easier by using Knockout to develop a lightweight PWA

The BluEnt developers use Knockout to build lightweight progressive apps. Knockout is best for smaller projects.

This tool allows the developers to manage Model-View-View Model (MVVM) bindings between JavaScript and HTML. The library can be easily integrated into existing websites without a need for an extensive rewrite.

Sajeel comments. “The progressive web apps have helped in acquiring an app like experience which is what our users look for today. Our BluEnt developers are always up-to-date and read to embrace newer solutions. We have had many clients investing in PWAs and it has allowed them to create a richer mobile app like experience for their users.”

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