Crucial reasons as to why BluEnt app developers prefer iOS to Android

New Delhi, 19th June 2017: The debate on ‘which platform to develop an app for first’ has been going on for the past few years. According to one of the articles its been proven that Android app development is 30% more expensive than iOS. It is also true, that Android app development takes a longer time. This is one of the reasons that app developers from companies like BluEnt prefer developing iOS to Android at the initial stage.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEnt, “We have an expert team of app developers that are equally brilliant on both platforms. However, as per our experience in the previous projects we realized that our team spent a greater amount of time, almost 40% more, on Android projects.”

Here are 3 top reasons as to why BluEnt’s app developers prefer iOS app development to Android

  • Costs for developing an app:
    If we take the financial perspective, the longer it takes to develop an app, the higher the cost. This means that Android app development procures higher upfront costs. Also, we can’t overlook the fact that the Android apps earn lower revenues. According to BluEnt. iOS app is cheaper to develop and drives more revenue thus is definitely a lucrative option for the developers and their clients when outsourcing mobile app development.

  • Development time:
    As discussed earlier, the development time for Android is almost 40% more. Android devices are available in many shapes and sizes, each varying in performance levels with many different versions activated at the same time. This gets time consuming and challenging for the app developers.

  • Adoption of latest versions:
    Sajeel remarks, “Our app developers stop supporting the older versions and devices of iOS way sooner than Android. This in turn also reduces testing and their development cycle times.”

    There is a huge advantage for the developers when they can focus on only supporting the latest updated version of OS. If not many users have adopted the new version, then the app developers need to support older devices and do more testing. As per stats given in one of the articles, “In 2015 over 80% of all iOS users had adopted some version of iOS 8 which was released in September of 2014. Lollipop was released for Android in June 2014, and less than 10% of all users had adopted Lollipop.”

    It is true that iOS makes users pay for the apps however iOS app development has proved to earn more revenue. “In the first quarter of 2015 iOS made 70% more than Android app developers.” According to BluEnt, though there are many considerations taken under the wing when selecting the platform for mobile app development, from the development time to a crucial financial point of view iOS is preferred to a large extent.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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