BluEnt re-invents pricing strategy for app development projects

Houston, 21st March, 2016: At the beginning of the financial quarter, BluEnt seems to have taken an entirely new stand on the software products offered and the pricing strategy involved in outsourced app development. A company spokesman said that a radical shift in the consumer’s mindset has been the prime reason for this year’s overhaul. Recent research indicates that a large number of businesses are moving to app based transactions. While they have their marketing strategy covered by professionals, they often require deep and patient technology consulting in order to get things sorted on the app level.

Right now, companies who sign up for fixed-price development are suffering from unplanned losses due to discrepancies in estimation. Interestingly, BluEnt has introduced a new line of IT estimation services, which allow businesses to compute their cost up front. The company informs us that their development is exclusively agile and the development team at BluEnt believes in creating only high-quality software applications. They insist on investing serious time up-front to understand how an app needs to work as part of creating a detailed, good-faith cost estimate.

Unlike other IT outsourcing firms based in India, BluEnt plans to begin by figuring out how the app should work at the outset of the project. Based on this vision, the BluEnt team of developers prioritize features for the end-user, and identify the critical features that need to be developed first. Their software product range includes a working product and a Minimum Viable Product.

A Senior Technical Lead in BluEnt recommends that clients should always be more explicit about the scope of their project. ‘It’s always better to ideate when we get a more in-depth mockup from the client.’ The golden rule of outsourcing app development is to finish the hardest and highest-priority work first – which means, the client needs to know exactly what he wants.

Most companies outsource app development to save money. But, there’s more to outsourcing that cost savings. There is always an opportunity for intelligent collaboration. However, there is always the risk of poor communication, long distance team-building and differences in delivery frameworks.

Would you like to outsource your app development? At the end of the day, it depends on what you have in mind. As always, outsourcing a complex app isn’t the best of options. However, if you’re building a proof of concept to validate an idea, outsourcing to a certified vendor like BluEnt seems like a great option.

BluEnt is a technology consulting company specializing in handling outsourced web and software application development projects for HBO, Capgemini, SunPower, Alsbridge, Statlink, Luxury Marketing Council Texas. BluEnt designs, develops and maintains software products such as mobile apps, web portals, custom business software, ecommerce and online tools for enterprises.

BluEnt offers maximum value in service with flexible delivery models, subject-matter experts, and metric-driven reporting and monitoring to deliver on SLAs. BluEnt has a global presence with offices in the US, Canada and New Delhi.

If you are looking for a certified outsourcing partner, don’t fall for low-price vendors and fixed price development gimmicks. Pay more and get a value-added product!

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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