How BluEnt documents software development plans for its SMB application development clients

Houston; Texas, 3rd July 2017: In the last few years, many IT organizations such as BluEnt have become more open to adapting to changes. One such transformation has been noticed in the ways they have been documenting software development plans for their SMB application development clients.

The main principle for BluEnt and the team is to deliver value to the clients and customers. They have been rethinking on the methodologies that are being used to document the product development plans. According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP, “The main purpose for BluEnt in the last couple of years has been to transition to and adopt an agile approach that will allows the team to not waste time on generating a ‘valueless’ deliverable.”

BluEnt highlights four novel guidelines to document software development plans for the year 2017

  • Guideline 1: A focused approach
    Through this transition to agile approach the organization now documents only what is necessary. They have a clear understanding of what the SMB application development clients really need and hence focus on documenting just that.

  • Guideline 2: Customized documentation
    Instead of having a defined documentation phase, BluEnt has a newer approach that is the evolvement of the documentation along with that of the software product development.

  • Guideline 3: A constant updatable support
    According to BluEnt, it’s important to store the documents in an easily accessible and continual updatable location. They do not use word documents or other similar formats as it makes the documentation out of date in no time. The documents should to available to everyone involved during the entire project.

  • Guideline 4: Higher clarity on what to document
    Definition of both technical and functional information will give clarity on what to document during the three different phases of the project: before the project starts, during it and after the product has been administered and rolled out.

    Sajeel remarks, “Documentation of software product development plans has seen major changes at BluEnt in the last few years. However, when documenting, we always keep the key principle in mind that is to focus on furnishing value to the customers.”

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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