The Enterprises of 2016 Have Chosen Cloud-Based Apps

Companies around the world have been adopting cloud computing in 2016 – will you?

Toronto, ON – November 28th 2016: Based on their forecast for 2011-2017, Gartner expects cloud-based app adoption to hit $250 billion by 2017. Recent data has done nothing but support this claim. BluEnt has consulted the latest industry reports to share how this tech phenomenon is changing how enterprises do business.

Who is Using Cloud-Based Applications?

Cloud is by no means a niche product in today’s market, given that 70% of all organizations consulted in IDG’s Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, 2016 have at least one cloud app today. Furthermore, 90% of all enterprises are either currently running apps in the cloud or are planning to do so within the next 3 years.

The uses of cloud models vary at each company, but most implement multiple to meet their organizational needs including private (62%), public (60%), and hybrid (26%) solutions.

IDG,s survey also showed that 28% of respondents’ total IT budgets will be dedicated to cloud computing alone in the coming year. The average investment projected to be made is $1.62M. When looking specifically at organizations with over 1,000 employees, the average investment increases to $3.03M with 10% expecting to spend $10M or more on cloud apps and platforms.

CIOs along with IT architects and management were revealed to dominate cloud spending in the workplace. By 2018, IDG anticipates that apps and platforms residing in on-premise systems will be a minority at the typical IT department. However, developers should not ignore CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs of small and medium businesses, who are driving spending on cloud computing for their organizational size category.

What Kind of App Development?

Business analytics and data storage/data management are cited as IDG’s predictions for top reasons for cloud adoption in coming years, seeing as 22% of those surveyed projected that business/data analytics will be the priority cloud application they will integrate in 2017. Another 21% of companies reported that data storage/data management apps are a high priority in next year’s cloud migration plans.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a category of software created to assist companies in accurately defining the prices of goods given an vast spectrum of variables. CPQ solution providers may also facilitate the creation of quotes and orders across a variety of channels, including direct sales, contact centres, resellers, and self-service.

Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) are well-suited for CPQ applications due to their modern, innovative nature. They’re faster and easier to scale across multiple channels, incorporate more intuitive app design, integrate smoothly with Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems, and have higher adoption rates than most legacy on-premise alternatives as a result.

BluEnt’s Response

Our cloud solutions focus on helping small to medium organizations accelerate business operations and maximize revenue by controlling administrative, operational and IT infrastructure costs. We improve communication, enhance collaboration, increase marketing capabilities, and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business processes.

To respond to the industry trends outlined above, BluEnt will focus on improving the project efficiency of CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs to cater to this upcoming demand in SME cloud computing. We will also prioritize the expansion of our capabilities in record management and analytics, which our developers are experienced in delivering for sectors such as education and health care.

BluEnt’s cloud application developers will also prepare for increased requests in converting to the cloud, as organizations progressively see its advantage over legacy on-premise counterparts. Our cloud-computing experts are skilled in the review of existing IT environment, analysis the cost of integration with current processes and systems, and support in the cloud environment at an affordable cost.

About Us:

Formed in 2003, BluEnt specializes in proving custom websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and internet marketing services for companies running an online dependent business or looking to develop tools to efficiently automate and monitor active processes in their organization. With 11 growing offices situated around the world, BluEnt is respected globally for its consistent quality of services and timely delivery of projects. We use our experience across industries and software applications to help enterprises derive maximum value out of their resources and investments.

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