BluEnt’s Guide to Choosing the Right Application Development Partner

BluEnt shares its outsource application development experience with clients to suggest how companies and clients can choose better partners for quicker project delivery.

New York, USA – 17th July, 2017: According to Boston Technology, 67% CIOs and IT experts believe that mobility is going to impact their business like internet did in the 90s. Which is why, more than 86% of businesses have taken their ventures online. The modern customer has also gone virtual; spending nearly 174 minutes every day on his mobile.

The competition is stiff. Every business is vying to win favor of tech-savvy customers. In such a competitive digital landscape, the only difference between a hare and tortoise is choosing the right development tools and working with right outsourcing technology partner.

BluEnt has been observing the technological shifts in paradigms for the last 15 years and we can safely say, based on our inference – a bad technology can and will, result in unsuccessful deployments, money down the drain and grievous business consequences.

Therefore, we highly recommend businesses to do their due diligence before choosing their application development partner.

There are several key monitoring factors to consider:

  • Grasp on the Client’s Industry and Vertical
    The outsource application developer or technology partner must possess in-depth understanding of the industry verticals as well as technical expertise towards building software applications for your business.

    • A good way to get a better understanding of what makes your technology partner unique is to assess products and applications developed by them during product development life cycle and their ability to work on complex challenges. They should have a proven track record of working to create custom applications for businesses in your vertical and industry.

    • A good technology partner thrives by making optimum utilization of resources during PDLC and by keeping ahead of learning curve.

      BluEnt has over a decade’s experience in working in the mobile and IT sector. We leverage our immense experience and knowledge to create custom applicationswhich better fit your business needs.

  • Learning more about the team which is going to work on your outsource application development project
    A company is only as good as its employees make it to be. It is important that you are aware of core strengths and areas of expertise of key personnel including technical architects, lead developers and project managers. This way, you can assess the technical health of your technology partner and see if they are the right fit for you.

    We pride ourselves in having an in-house app development team with years of practical knowledge and technical know-how to create business applications which are robust and all-purpose.

  • Does your technology partner have a presence in your country?
    Most projectstoday border on quick delivery as businesses want to get their presence in the market quickly. This makes it essential to keep the project on track by coordinating schedules and monitoring deadlines.

The lifecycle of an app is extended when client and vendor work in different time zones.

Having a US based outsourcing company office or project managers based in US, for instance, will help in instant communication. This also raises the company’s credibility and trustworthiness up a notch. After all, it is better to speak in person than on Skype.

BluEnthas offices and in-house development teams in USA and Canada. We love speaking with people their businesses. Tell us more about your business over a cup of coffee.

  • Testing services and support provided by application development partner
    No app is better than a buggy app. It leaves your customers frustrated and ruins your brand image. Moreover, manual mobile app testing is time exhaustive. Your technology partner should work with automated QA processes which can save you time and money by weeding out memory leaks and bugs. For getting most out of your app, it is best to work with an app development company which can provide all hardware and software which is required to deliver a seamless app experience to your customers.

    Post-development support is as essential too. For further updates, compatibility issues and other in-app problems, it is better to ask the development team take care of these rather than having a dedicated customer support team.

  • Evaluating cost estimates and project timelines

    Instead of handing over your projectto the lowest bidder, analyze project timeline submitted by the different vendors first. This will give you a better insight into those who understand your requirements in a better way. The timeline will help you figure out if the prices are at par or overstated.

    When all is said and done, you need to rely on your own experience of working with previous technology partners for filtering out magnified promises.

Choosing the right outsourcing technology partner

When the choices seem overwhelming, it is best to decide on a technology partner by assessing whether the enlisted skills suit your business needs or not. At BluEnt, we not only offer experienced application developers for USA and Canada businesses, we also leverage our experience to provide consultation services to companies for building customer-centric solutions and legacy applications for your business.

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