BluEnt explains how a lack of agile practices can derail your business

Agile principles and practices not only create better software, it creates better work cultures.

New York, USA – 11th September, 2017: Most executives believe that the application of agile extends beyond IT however, only a handful of organizations use Agile for departments beyond technical development.

At BluEnt, we believe that marketing, R&D, HR and Finance, all business verticals can benefit by adopting agile framework methodology. Executives at senior management levels feel that with Agile, the organization will respond better to new opportunities while retaining previous customers. Agile also reduces fire drills and project derailment.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt Technologies remarks, “When an organization adopts business agility, it is adapting itself to respond better to change. We have seen a 5X growth in our client companies when they assimilated agile into other departments including IT. With agile mindset, a company knows better about its high value initiatives and is able to quickly transition from ideas to outcome.”

That being said, most executives realize the value business agility brings but only a small percentage of them actually execute this into their corporations.

BluEnt tries to understand how lack of business agility can process a business. The detailed analysis is based on a recent report by CA Technologies.

70% senior level management believes that business with active agile implications respond quicker and better to changing business conditions, however only 41% said that their company uses agile framework for creating and marketing products.

75% of surveyed organizations are willing to make transition from other methodologies to agile but only 39% are confident of actually working in this direction.

36% project management offices are agile and less than 33% of other departments are agile – out of total surveys.

How non-agile work methodologies are hampering overall business progress

Most enterprises look at agile as a linear process. They believe that transition from waterfall to agile can be done on a one to one mapping basis. However, agile is more of a cultural and mind-set transformation than a process transition. The key to success is in adopting core agile development principles.

  • 38% senior executives believe that their organization’s working practices are siloed and inconsistent and can be made better with implementing different work patterns.

  • Greater agility shall enable businesses in responding more quickly to opportunities, as believed by 84%.

  • 65% senior level employees believe that business agility improves customer satisfaction and prevents customer attrition.

  • 51% employees believe that increased focus on agile business development will reduce project derailment.

Some of the biggest barriers to Agile Adoption include a complex environment, which makes transition difficult and cumbersome, political and cultural barriers, financial constraints and obsolete tools.

Agile application development is a structured approach towards product development and project management. BluEnt’s developers create robust, business centric solutions with agile development methodology that address business specific requirements. Get in touch today to know more about our services.

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