Canadians Want More Technology in the Healthcare Sector: BluEnt

Houston – 23rd February, 2018: As per the research conducted by Maru/VCR&C and authorized by Telus Health, Canadians are highly interested in the healthcare management system using modern technology. In today’s technology world, people can order anything online or through an app on their mobile phones such as one can order food, book a movie or flight to another country. Then, why health care industry shouldn’t reap benefits of the technology?

The study shows that 89 percent people believe that better health opportunities would rise with the digital health technology, whereas 85 percent out of these think these technology-based tools would help people to control their personal health in daily life.

In fact, the survey has further studied that 79 percent of baby boomers, 83 percent of Gen Xers and 89 percent of millennials are happy with the idea of healthcare technology tools in which 9 out of 10 participants say that they are quite comfortable with sharing their health history digitally with their physicians.

Dr. Sacha Bhatia, a cardiologist in Toronto said, “Both physicians and patients have significantly changed their attitudes towards digital communication over the past few years,”.

“Doctors are much more comfortable communicating with patients and other healthcare providers using electronic means. I also think patients have seen the benefits of the internet and online services in their daily lives, and they expect to be able to have those same benefits when accessing health services.”

Amusingly, despite such strong belief in the power of digital technology and its active usage in other areas of Canadian life, only 15 percent of people were reported to do any health-related activity online.

After reading this report, one can only think that people are aware of these technologies but are not bringing it into practice due to probably lack of marketing strategies or lack of useful features.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEnt says “Digital healthcare tools have a huge market scope in the healthcare sector, in Canada. BluEnt has already made few healthcare management tools in the past and we are constantly working on many other similar projects. People are increasingly trusting the concoction of a healthcare and technology institutions.”

About BluEnt:

BluEnt is a leading web and mobile application development company with its global presence including in Canada, USA, and many more countries. BluEnt has worked on multiple healthcare projects with their strong team of experienced developers. For more information, contact here!

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