Impact of custom intranet solution on organizational culture

BluEnt reveals why intranets impact company culture and how organizations can make the most of them?

Toronto, ON – 28th November, 2017: If you thought that intranets were things of the past, think again! You must have an HR Portal, a leave attendance management system or maybe an employee collaboration portal for your company. Those are intranets my friend and judging by their imminent need in every office, we don’t think that they’ll become obsolete anytime soon. They might be converted to mobile friendly custom intranet solution but won’t get out of trend in the near future.

While their ancestors had the bare minimum features to just get the job done, modern intranets are capable of more than that. In fact, in bigger organizations such as healthcare, education and government bodies, website intranets store and produce a lot of social content that inherently affects organizational culture.

When you build a custom intranet, not only do your employees have higher satisfaction levels, but they also benefit from knowledge sharing and better utilizing the organization resources. How many times have you just passed across the bookshelf and the wall of high performers only to remind yourself to browse when you had time later? Now, if this was all available as a resource on as a shortcut on your desktop, you’d be more productive during free time when you just share cat and dog pictures and videos. Other than these obvious reasons, most departments require custom corporate intranet development to ensure seamless communication and better employee collaboration.

Why website intranets development should be done in conjunction with company culture?

Over the last two decades, we have done several intranet design and development for leading clients. Be it intranet portal for Elan Construction or Payroll System for Gems or Onboarding system for Albridge, we have worked with some of industry leaders. And trust us when we say this – it is very essential to incorporate the company culture into organizational intranet. This makes sure that modern intranets sport features which are in tandem with how the company functions and thus has a more chance of being adopted by its employees.

One thing that we always ask our clients is, “How would you like if the intranet solution also affects your company culture?” And most of the times, we’ve had some pretty intense discussions around this. In our experience, modern intranets impact corporate culture big time which is why they must be developed after careful consideration.

What traits of company culture rub off on modern intranets?

There are several facets of corporate culture that you can express on your intranet platform.

Some of the most obvious ones include:

  • Design
    Today’s intranets are no more just frameworks which track leaves, manage payrolls, mark attendance and display employee information. They are tiny ecosystems which showcase the style and expression of a company. If executed craftily, they will welcome wider audience participation and higher levels of employee engagement.

  • Seamless communication and easily accessible information
    For most organizations, intranet platforms are the only source to maintain the semblance among employees and management. They also act as the pivot points for all internal communication, message transmission and offer access to confidential information such as employee details, blood group types, designations and company policies.

  • User participation
    Modern day intranet systems act as social media source for employees too. If the company does decide to offer news and blogs, the portal systems will have comments from people. This will ensure higher user participation in return.

So, what factors ultimately determine organizational culture?

Shared values and collaborative practices of a company form the culture of an organization. These assets can very well be represented by custom intranet designs.

The shared values of a company are shaped by several external agents including regulations, business market & industry and internal agents including ownership and history of the company. A majority of cultural catalysts are internal and hence are often influential in nature and evolve over time. Ironically, these very factors can become difficult to adapt in intranet design and development.

Having said this, a new out of the box intranet platform is capable of influencing and changing corporate culture to a large extent as it centers around communication, branding, innovation and freedom of expression.

This brings us to the next point:

Modern intranets are very relevant in corporate culture

Since present day intranet systems are built on various alternate design philosophies, they are now the biggest mirrors of company culture.

Modern intranets boost productivity and morale

An efficient intranet in place gives employees voice for their opinions. The results include an increased confidence in employees which is directly proportional to productivity. When your employees a part of decision – making process, they take their work more seriously and drive the organization forward.

To sum up, intranets have evolved massively over the last decade. They have impacted company cultures in turn by doing away with stiff corporate messages which overwhelm employees. By adding social aspects to intranet, employees now connect better with company and management.

If you feel that your organization needs a new intranet or are looking to upgrade the old one, BluEnt can help you out. We specialize in HR Portals, Leaves and Attendance Management, Timesheet and Invoicing systems and Asset Management systems. Connect today to know more!

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