Open source development comes of age

Houston, 02 May, 2016: Why is open source ushering in a wave of change? The truth is that open source is the need of the hour. From cars to office spaces to licensing agreements, the value lies in sharing. When resources are limited and the economy is lagging behind, sharing is the only way to survive. In fact, a completely viable and business-ready Open Source alternative is available for almost every conceivable piece of software today. It is possible to build services for new business models on a stringent budget, instead of lining the pockets of the proprietary giants. Surprisingly enough, it is the lack of control that allows greater control. With the power of open source, development teams get the opportunity to craft tailored solutions to meet the unique, and sometimes eccentric, demands of this economic environment.

Open source development companies such as BluEnt are keen to take advantage of the growth and vigor of the open source movement. The team believes that this allows them to cater to the development needs of small and medium businesses and devise intelligent solutions at low operational costs.

Richard Menon, senior Business Development Manager, BluEnt, suggests, ‘More clients prefer Open Source because it reduces critical dependencies on software suppliers drastically. The big enterprises have the luxury to think of alternatives, but for start-ups and small businesses, open source is the way.’

This May, BluEnt is offering a custom Open Source package for start-ups and small businesses. The Open Source developers at BluEnt are getting ready to crack open new ideas and optimize business insights to help businesses rise to their total and complete potential. This package includes CMS based development for Open Source platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento and WordPress. The company spokesperson has indicated that the development team is offering a completely free consultation on the pros and cons of each CMS and helping the decision-makers make the most optimal use of Open Source technology.

BluEnt is a broad-based information technology and architectural service provider with strengths in software application development, mobile application development and CAD related services. BluEnt offers maximum value in service with flexible delivery models, subject-matter experts, and metric-driven reporting and monitoring to deliver on SLAs. BluEnt uses the strength of IT for clients to optimize business performance and produce results.

With nearly 14 years of history, BluEnt has provided IT and CAD support to some of the top companies around the globe such as HBO, CapGemini, Pulte Group, Alsbridge and Beazer Homes. BluEnt is a reliable partner for capability and technology outsourcing for small businesses such as Community Musician, SunPower, Luxury Marketing Council Texas, Reward Networks and more. BluEnt has a global presence with offices in the US, Canada and New Delhi. If you are on the look-out for Open Source development companies, remember BluEnt.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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