Android vs iOS app development: BluEnt’s approach to successful app building

With additional focus on apps that are business and consumer centric, mobile app development teams everywhere are striving to make ends meet!

Toronto, ON – May 22nd, 2017: Mobile app development is the most sought after domain in the Software industry. The two most popular platforms Android and iOS hold the majority in the mobile industry. Recent stats show that these two platforms comprise around 96.7% of the entire mobile device market.

In such a scenario, it is clearly evident that there are immense opportunities for developers and marketers to develop mobile apps which are efficient marketing channels. This calls for selecting the right company for mobile app development outsource.

BluEnt follows a precise approach to custom mobile apps development.

  • Android vs iOS Development Approach: Time taken to understand the frameworks
    It takes time to get familiar with the minute concepts while working on new technology and mobile app development is no exception in this case. Both Android and iOS have different standards and complexities. This presents different learning curves for both frameworks. iOS is a mature framework as compared to Android. It follows its pre-defined rules which make app approval into the store difficult but on the other hand, it has good tools such as Swift programming which make the learning curve shorter.

    Android, on the other hand, is humungous. With over 5k devices from different vendors running multiple different operating systems, screen sizes and densities, it becomes challenging for a developer to account for testing and compatibility during development. Needless to say, the outputs are complex in the Android environment. The developer needs to dive into the depths of code in order to understand even the basics of code.

    BluEnt understands these technicalities which often baffle the first-time clients. Our team of experts handle any and all questions you may have to help you decide the app development framework for your business.

  • Android vs iOS Development Approach: Tools to develop the apps
    The ease of an integrated development environment or IDE for working is a major tipping point for most developers. If a platform has matured developmental tools, then there is a guarantee for success of the framework. The more mature and intuitive the framework, the better. iOS offers Xcode IDE for mobile app development. The IDE is very mature with a lot of features and tools. Android on the other hand, uses Eclipse which is the equivalent of Xcode. Apart from this, Android has also launched Android Studio which is the official development IDE but it does not surpass Xcode in terms of features and maturity. What works best for your mobile app for business, is a matter of personal preference for the BluEnt App Development team.

  • Android vs iOS Development Approach: Hardware Component Requirements
    While developing an app, the aim is to make it as portable as possible. Android Studio is compatible with all major operating systems such as Linux, Windows and even OS X. These can be developed on either of these operating systems as well. The iOS is not as flexible. Xcode runs only on Mac Machines. Android has an edge over here, as the apps can be developed irrespective of the machine or operating system you prefer working on. Of course, this can be conveniently handled once your marketing team is better informed with our helpful insights.

  • Android vs iOS Development Approach: Membership and Licensing
    One has an edge in Android over iOS in this area. The iOS mobile app developers are required to subscribe to Apple Membership program for publishing apps to the store. An individual program costs around $100 annually which can be a little over the edge for a budding developer or a freelancer. Android, does not require any membership program for development, although Google Play Store does charge a one-time fee of $25 for publishing an apps. You can leave these intricate details to us!

BluEnt’s recommendations

What kind of application you require, depends entirely on your business preferences. Hybrid app is a little tricky in iOS while they are pretty easy to develop in Android. Having an Android working mobile app provides a deeper understanding of how mobile development works, but exposure to iOS development studio lets you handle a more mature and stable system.

Our highly experienced mobile app development team can help you find the right fit for your business needs. Contact us today to know more!

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