01 May 2023

Why is Magento eCommerce Development Best for Your Retail Business?

This blog has been updated on - March 12, 2024

Over 267,000 stores use Magento, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma Group, and H&M. Most retail businesses reap the benefits of Magento eCommerce development for retail success.

With a market share of 3.1% of the most-visited Magento sites in the Quantcast Top 100k list, Magento or Adobe Commerce is the best open-source platform based on PHP for your retail business.

But what makes Magento so popular than other eCommerce platforms?

Magento eCommerce offers flexible, scalable, and easy customization options. It has a long list of features you should know if you're planning to launch your online shop or hire a Magento developer.

Doing so lets you determine why choosing Magento for your retail store is a good idea. Let's have a detailed discussion on it!

An Overview of Magento eCommerce Development

In 2008, Magento entered the industry as an open-source technology to build custom eCommerce websites for better shopping experience and sales. Soon after that, it gained immense popularity in the global retail space.

From big brands to emerging ones, Magento eCommerce became the first choice for retailers needing easy options to manage and boost their sales.

In 2019, Adobe Incorporation acquired Magento to offer sales and marketing services with cloud eCommerce benefits in retail. Today, retail is gaining the best advantages of Adobe Commerce or Magento eCommerce development.

Upon using Magento for eCommerce, online retailers have these options to opt for:

  • Magento Open Source is an ideal option for small businesses. Magento introduced the same version in 2008. After the takeover, Adobe continued offering this service with limited features & functionalities.

  • Adobe Commerce On-premises is the same Magento eCommerce version that combines enterprise-level features. This on-premises package includes almost all the important features required to create an eCommerce platform. Despite that, users may still need to get their hosting server and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud offers a set of Adobe Cloud solutions, including Analytics Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, Marketing Cloud, etc.

    It enables retailers to handle their online sales more flexibly and efficiently. After all, the benefits of SaaS in cloud computing with Magento Commerce Cloud help them access & operate their business data from anywhere.

After going through these options, retailers would no longer ask why they chose Magento for eCommerce.

Of course, you must look for some facts and figures when starting with a Magento eCommerce development company in US.

Let's get some recent market statistics on Magento eCommerce.

Latest Stats on Magento, the best eCommerce Platform for Retailers

Investing in Magento shopping website development services is a profit-making decision for every retail brand. Both startups & big retail brands can rely on Magento integration to modernize their online store using its robust features, themes, and integrations.

Magento's exceptional usability and scalability make it the best eCommerce platform for your business.

Here are the popularity stats of Magento eCommerce proving that it is ideal for your retail business:

As per reports, the number of Magento stores increased by 4.9% in the first quarter of 2023.

  • 44% of Magento stores use Facebook to attract social media users. On the other hand, almost 35.0% and 18.8% of Magento sites use Instagram and Twitter for social media traffic.

  • Magento is one of the top 10 CMSes used for eCommerce platform development.

  • 9.7% of Magento stores sell apparel, whereas 11.1% of stores using Magento sell home and garden products.

  • Over 4.7% of Magento retail sites use FedEx as their courier shipping partner.

  • More than 1,629 retail merchants have moved from their existing eCommerce platforms to Magento in the past 90 days.

Popularity stats Magento ecommerce platform

Why Choose Magento for Your E-commerce Store? Reasons Explained

The features of Magento are convincing from every business perspective.

Although Magento integration is among the top 10 online shopping trends, retailers need more solid reasons to believe that Magento is best for eCommerce website development. Now it's the right time to discuss critical reasons for choosing Magento for eCommerce.

It's Scalable & User-friendly

Whether you're a startup or a big retail brand, Magento integration scales to every business type and size.

It's flexible with every business, so Magento is best for eCommerce.

Apart from being scalable, Magento is easy to use as well. Using Magento eCommerce is an easy task not only for professionals but also for beginners. Users can move across the navigation of the Magento site layout and displace products from one screen to another.

Great for Search Engine Optimization

Want to boost your revenues? Implementing the best eCommerce platform with search engine optimization for sales is all you need.

Magento eCommerce is indeed a perfect fit for SEO benefits. After all, popular search engines, including Google, are fond of sites using Magento. But why?

Magento enables experts to use relevant URLs, tags, and keyword-rich descriptions while optimizing the site content. Not having a Magento-like site may be a key reason why you are not able to convert your eCommerce web traffic into sales.

Also, Magento eCommerce development will bring more inbound sales and enhance conversions.

Supports Mobile Commerce

Since Google loves mobile site versions, Magento eCommerce is the right fit for you. But why so?

Considering the concept of mobile-first web design vs. responsive web design, Magento for eCommerce is a better mobile-friendly option than other platforms. It will let your users visit your store using any browser or device.

If you're planning retail app development, consider Magento eCommerce for your online store.

Ensures Secure Payments

Security is one of the major concerns for online retailers as well as shoppers. From personal details to transactions and bank details, Magento dissolves security risks better than other eCommerce platforms.

Magento simplifies installing SSL security and dedicated IP to make shopping safer for online buyers.

Multi-lingual and Multi-currency Support

Every online store needs multi-lingual support to serve the widespread customer base. Magento's multiple language support makes a shopping site useful for worldwide regions.

Another reason to favor Magento for eCommerce is its multi-currency support. This feature enables business website design to drive sales by setting a profit margin for every product. This tactic increases revenues by keeping product prices in their original purchase currency.

Fast-loading Website

More than 50% of customers are more likely to abandon a site if it's too slow to load. To avoid this, choosing Magento for eCommerce is the best tip for retailers with a higher bounce rate on their sites.

Magento sites maintain high loading speeds even when there is high-volume traffic.

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Significant Features of Magento for eCommerce Development

Upon taking a glimpse of Magento's popularity, you must be curious to know the features of this eCommerce development platform.

That will give you plentiful reasons to choose Magento over the other best open-source frameworks for online store development.

It's an Open-source Platform

We've been reciting the term open source for Magento, confirming its availability to global users.

It's one of the preferred choices of businesses investing in custom eCommerce solutions.

Magento is an open-source platform with the right technology to build custom retail stores for your business needs.

It also engages a vast community of developers due to its extensive popularity. From bug fixes to technical support and updates, using Magento for eCommerce will benefit you more than other open-source eCommerce technologies.

Supports Marketing and Advertising

Let's discuss the next feature to support your decision for Magento eCommerce development for retail.

Magento eCommerce helps businesses reach their search engine marketing and advertising goals. This PHP-based open-source technology offers easier and faster ways to market your brand and services. But how?

Any Magento eCommerce development company in the USA uses these brilliant marketing features for brand promotion & advertising:

  • Cross-selling technique to enhance the sales possibilities by showcasing related items and existing ones in the cart.

  • Offering coupon codes, reward points, & offers to analyze their usage.

  • They are running campaigns for newsletter marketing and polls to engage customers & learn their individual needs.

  • Getting support for price changes based on quantity & groups.

  • Using third-party integration for marketing tools & promotions.

Secure Payment and Shipping

Magento's eCommerce system provides multiple payment options such as Paypal, credit card, Google checkout, etc. Merchants can also check third-party payment gateway integrations like eWay, ePay, CyberSource, etc.

Its auto-generated shipping options also make it easier for merchants to choose the right one for hassle-free shipping.

Magento eCommerce development service providers help businesses improve their eCommerce user experience by selecting the best-suited payment and shipping options.

Multi-platform Integration

Integrating third-party modules & tools into your online store is now a challenge for Magento eCommerce developers.

Besides simplifying payment gateways in eCommerce, Magento allows third-party integrations for additional features & modules.

Merchants can add more features to their existing store, such as Google Analytics for web data analytics.

Extensions and Themes

Magento eCommerce offers a wide range of easy-to-use themes and extensions. Its theme collection is superior to that of other eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce and Shopify.

There are over 3,500 extensions, five themes on the official marketplace, and 404 Magento themes on ThemeForest. These customizable themes are available for every Magento user, and leveraging them is easy. They enable retailers to make their stores stand out from others.

Merchants can customize their themes to add a unique and appealing touch to their retail sites. This is one of the significant advantages of Magento website development.

Magento PWA Architecture

Progressive web apps are the next stage of responsive design & Magento takes it to another stage. Wondering how?

Integrating Magento with Progressive Web Apps, i.e., PWA, can give your eCommerce website a native feel. This is essential for any online store targeting cross-device users.

There is no denying that progressive web apps can boost your SEO strategy & user experience. From app-like usability to smoother navigation and super-fast performance, the fusion of PWA & Magento will result in an incredible shopping experience.

Analytics and Reporting

As mentioned earlier, Magento users can track their site traffic, sales, conversions, speed, and other metrics simultaneously.

Magento commerce cloud allows site owners to collect, view, and analyze data using Google Analytics for improved SEO.

Getting Started with BluEnt's Magento Experts for Retail Store Development

Can't wait to launch your online store? Now, you are looking for the right Magento eCommerce development company to help you with your project. Hire certified Magento developers at BluEnt today!

BluEnt is a name you can trust with your Magento eCommerce needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Magento e-commerce development cost?

Since Magento connects to a vast community of developers worldwide, one can get quick assistance from experienced resources.

Regarding the Magento eCommerce development cost, businesses have two options to choose from- One is free and open source & the other is the Enterprise version, which needs a monthly subscription.

A domain name will cost additional as customers view it to recognize a brand or website. The average cost of building & maintaining a Magento store will vary from $50,000 to $250,000.

What are the must-have features of the Magento eCommerce store?

The primary features of any B2C Magento platform are:

  • Multi-account feature for different buyers

  • Order tracking & invoice

  • Buyer's Role and approvals

  • Order confirmations

  • Order tracking & processing

  • Personalized offers

  • Re-order and recommendations

  • Online chat support



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