14 Jan 2021

Here’s How a Great Business Website Design Can Drive Sales

89% of your business website visitors will shop with your competitor if you don't give them a great user experience (UX).

This is a mistake many businesses make. They have a great product or service, but don't invest in website design and end up frustrating their prospective customers.

So in this article, we'll be showing you a strategy for making a great first impression on your visitors and increasing your site's credibility.

Your business website design is a key part of your brand equity, that is, the value of your brand name. If you don't get this right, you risk losing business. Websites miss out on an estimated 2.6 billion USD each year just because of slow loading.

You heard right. Every detail matters.

The business website should be a priority for all organizations, large or small. It works for you 24/7, so if it's not increasing your ROI, it needs to change.

Here's how to get started.

What's the Point of Your Website?

Think of your business website as a problem-solver for your clients.

What is it that your website wants to deliver? What products or services are you planning to offer? What roles do your visitors play when they enter your website?

All this needs to be clear as crystal. If you're fumbling for the answer, you don't have it.

Define how you can solve your customers' problems and give them the information they need. Your website design should reflect this.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Who are your prospective customers? This knowledge will help you craft your website.

The key is to get a detailed consumer persona: How old are they? What gender? What do they do? What are their hobbies? How senior are they in their organization?

The First Impression is the Last Impression

Content may be king, but if your visitors don't like the look of your castle, they won't want to have a cup of tea with your king.

94% of first impressions have to do with your website design, as per WebFX.

So choose the right colors, fonts and layout – meet consumer trends.

Go beyond the design and follow the dos and don'ts on content strategy. Keep the information updated as frequently as need be.

That's a big job for your company website. Don't know where to start? The right web design company will deliver on these results.

Keep the Navigation Simple

Having lots of choices is great, right?

Well. Not so much for your website navigation.

It's a crucial part of your UX. If your visitor spends too much time trying to figure out where to go, they're liable to hit the back button. Make your hypertext obvious, streamline your navigation bar, and don't forget the footer.

Follow this rule of thumb: Your prospective customer should be able to get to whichever page they want within 3 clicks.

Study Your Visitors' Navigation Behavior

Unless you're Google, your audience will fit a niche. They will navigate your website in a certain way. You need to know how.

It seems nitpicky. It's not.

What if nobody's clicking on that link you thought would be popular? Maybe it's not visible enough. Maybe the text is confusing.

If you know what's not working on your website, you can fix it. And you can enhance the parts that already work best, if it's appropriate to do so.


Search engines have crawlers that gather information about all available content. An algorithm matches the data with search queries.

Being in the results on the 2nd page means your website is dead. If it's on the 3rd page, its soul is languishing in the final circle of hell.

To end up on the 1st page, let alone in the top position on the first page, of the chief search engines like Google, you need search engine optimization.

SEO is the process of increasing relevant website traffic. It targets unpaid traffic, as opposed to direct or paid traffic.

Your Website Design Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Responsive web design is less an option and more a necessity, considering how many people browse sites through their mobile devices.

How does it work? Sometimes, the navigation is just tightened. The links become bigger so they're easier to tap. So on.

Want to dig deeper into responsive web design (and how it differs from mobile-first web design) for your business? Read this piece.


So which of these techniques are you going to start using?

Luckily, you don't have to limit yourself to one or two due to lack of resources. BluEnt is a web design company that creates dynamic, responsive websites with great UX & UI. We'll cover all the bases we mentioned in this post, and more.

We assist you every step of the way, from the website development to the marketing strategy. Your success is our priority.

Contact us now to get started on building your brand equity and increasing conversion rates through your business website.

Maximum Value. Achieved.



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