07 Nov 2017

Explore Google Analytics for Improved SEO

You can only improve your ideas if you measure them right. Don't you think?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a critical aspect of the success of your online presence. It is given without saying that higher keyword ranking leads to increasing footfall on your website. Also, keyword ranking brings more results in the successful SEO  ways,but, do you think it's enough? Relying completely on the keyword strategy isn't a smart move, it does not completly justify the caliber and importance of the SEO in the company. Increasing strategies to raise 'organic search' would surely invite success and revenue. There are a plethora of paid tools and services available in the market to help you quantify your SEO and yes, they work beautifully. Your ultimate goal is to increase your website traffic and you can achieve it without thinking too much.

If not paid, then, you should know this free smart tool called "Google Analytics". Almost every marketing department of any organization in the world uses it and still might not at its full potential. Let's highlight key areas which might guide you more about the importance of google analytics tool:

  • From the dawn of digital marketing, google analytics has been one of the favorite free tools because it provides the exact keyword query an individual has used to search your website. This leads you to higher impressions and conversion rate of your services. Google Analytics encloses all information of the user starting from the keyword usage and the movement of users once they land on your website. This also helps in filtering the unnecessary queries and finding keywords that aren't helping to soar to the top of the google search engine results page (SERP). This is a very effective tip for the startups and new budding projects who are learning to expand their presence online.

  • This won't be a mystery to understand that what content information drives your users 'bounce' away from the website. Bounce rate goes higher when users visit your website cruise away after viewing one page. This is somewhat identical to 'exit' pages, but for users, it depicts the disinterest in your content creation. By analyzing your bounce rate through google analytics, you can mold your content as per your audience.

  • Organic searches will be calculated over a one-month duration and advanced google analytic techniques help you track the users visit over a quarter or half yearly basis. This helps the domain holders to analyze the strategies which worked to enhance the user stability.

  • Google Analytics provides demographic and interest reports. This gives you the insight of the type of audience visiting your website and bifurcate them via age, gender and interests which further helps you in understanding the need of the content type, where you lack and know your audience interest. It truly assists you in strategizing your next business marketing plan.

  • If your audience spends more than a minute on your website and visits different pages, they are the ones. Google analytics gives a proper report of every move made by the engaged users. For instance, the number of pages visited and the time spent on each page like 0-10 seconds to 31-60 seconds and so on.

  • If you need success, you need to set a goal. A goal is a page you want your users to end up at. You got to decide the 'goal' page of your website, for example, Buy Now or Contact Us page. Google analytics lets you save these URLs as a goal of your website. This helps in analyzing strategies to guide you in modifying your pages or content towards betterment and bring more conversions.

  • Google analytics gives you a detailed report of the exit pages which means you know where your user got bored and left. This allows you to fix the issue by studying it deeper.

  • You have got at least one loyal user of your website, that's "you". We all love what we have created, but you need to be little less self-obsessed with your work. Google analytics solves this by letting you filter local and internal searches. This leads you to an authentic SEO performance report using google analytics.

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