23 Jan 2018

Best Open Source Frameworks For Online Store Development

How to choose from the numerous open source frameworks available in the market to avail the extreme benefits from it?

E-commerce is evolving rapidly with an enhanced amount of sales and the latest technologies. Huge number of retailers are entering this field which is compelling the researchers to introduce various new platforms.

Ranging from the corporate mammoths to the small-scale businesses, various e-commerce stores are opting for open source e-commerce software, which saves money as well as strengthens the control over the online presence.

Since the market has overflowing options available for the open source e-commerce development solutions, the selection of the best one can be demanding.

Let us go through the top open source e-commerce solutions to grab an idea about the same.

Why Go For Open Source E-commerce Solution?

Any e-commerce open source framework can prove to be highly beneficial for any business and all of the options available are inexpensive.

They are specially designed and managed by numerous people across the world and various blog posts and documentation can be found regarding the same. Some of the prime reasons to choose the open source e-commerce frameworks are as follows:

  • The frameworks of open source e-commerce solution are free.

  • One can have complete control over the designs and working pattern of the stores.

  • Unique patterns and features are offered in the e-commerce frameworks as the development procedure in these solutions are continuously evolving.

  • Themes, hosting, and Plugins can be controlled by the owner.

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Top Open Source E-commerce Platforms

The best open source e-commerce that has taken over the market in a huge way are as follows:

  • WooCommerce- It is a WordPress plug-in and can convert any WordPress website to a completely operational online store along with coupons, product pages, and inventory management. The WooCommerce theme doesn't need any alterations apart from the addition of the personalized contents.

  • Zen Cart- It is a free and open source shopping cart that is best suited for people who don't have any degrees to create their personal online store. It is user-friendly and is a secured software, making the transactions safe. It is designed for all the designers, consultants, programmers, and owners.

  • Magento Open Source- It is one of the most popular open source frameworks for its numerous features like recurring payments, discounts, and membership plans. It helps grab ultimate control over the functionality and design of the site. It even allows sending product alert regarding automated marketing to the clients. It also helps segregate multi-lingual sites that load up based on the location of the user.

  • Spring Framework- It is one of the finest options one can choose for the open source e-commerce java. It presents a broad configuration and programming model, especially for Java-based applications. The prime attributes of the framework can be used by a Java application; however, various extensions are available that help build the web applications over the Java Enterprise Edition platform.

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The open source frameworks are the most convenient and cost-effective way of converting any website to an e-commerce platform as it is continuously evolving for the better performance.

BluEnt web app development company is the leader among the open source frameworks and offers the finest technology platform to accomplish the activities seamlessly.

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