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New Delhi, India, November 13th, 2017: Social media engagement makes a crucial investment in the marketing strategies. Engagement on social media platforms highlights the audience who like, share and trust your content. If one brand is successful in engaging customers through social media activities, this leads to the larger community of loyal fans for your brand name. An acknowledgment in a form of a comment or some other way gives you the certainty of your audience love for the content or the brand. The next important step in this play is engaging and responding to the audience. Time management and dedication for the responses given back to the customers take a huge portion of the small businesses.

BluEnt has summarized with the highlighted points which would help the startups to reduce the time consumption for the social media engagement and still make the responses authentic and real. Email UsDrop us a line or give us a call to know more!
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  • Make a decision and locate the relevant audience on the social media pages. Content variations and understanding of your audience can take the brand name to better pathways. For instance, the fans scrolling on the Facebook pages are looking for the interesting video explanation of your business agendas or learn about your services. On the other hand, the audience scrolling on social media pages like Instagram would most likely take a halt at your picture telling behind the scenes or some employees doing fun at work. Creating the relevant content which would lure authentic audience could be a great start.
  • Once you receive some good or decent comments from your customers on the content created on social media pages, replying with just a 'Thank You" could sound more generic and standardized response. A reply should be more personalized and authentic which represent the brand personality. Customize your response and ask for the opinion of the person who has commented on the topic or the post (If it is relevant to ask). This would encourage the brand awareness and build a good relationship with the prospects.
  • Unlike formal conversations with your prospective customers over the emails, one can incorporate the emojis or GIFs as a response back to your customers commenting on social media pages. This makes your approach more fun. One can explore this route depending upon their brand.

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