Need for alternatives of off-the-shelf products for application development and maintenance

USA March 02, 2016: Our research indicates that although most companies prefer off-the-shelf products, 70% of them believe That their unique needs that are not 100% met – and often poorly met – by these products. This is why, we designed a new range of services that can address this situation. This February, we are launching our revamped Application Development and Maintenance services for start-ups, SMEs and enterprises. Our workforce of nearly 100 professionals will be at your service to reduce duplication of effort, ensure adherence to software engineering processes and mitigate risk while changing environments. Our Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) services include development of custom software and maintenance of systems and sub systems.

Developing custom software or maintaining and migrating legacy applications are easier said than done. You need to work with a highly-skilled technology or you will find yourself working twice as hard and pouring resources with no clear returns. BluEnt, established in 2003, is a trusted provider of consulting, outsourcing and staffing services to a global client base. We use domain expertise in specific industry segments to comply with global delivery frameworks and quality processes.

Our new packages have been re-imagined to include software-driven management and compliance reporting that aims at better regulatory frameworks, cost-cutting, getting more out of less, and leveraging the resources and scale provided by globalization.

Our research also gives us reason to believe that as technologies become obsolete, companies struggle to find resources who have the knowledge of older platforms. Which is why, our software application developers and maintenance experts are trained to give clients the maintenance and support while they decide on migration.

As an outsourcing methodology expert, BluEnt recommends that clients should evaluate the management time and energy that they are investing in software development before they decide to hire an external team. In most cases, if application development and maintenance costs exceed 40% of their IT budget, we recommend that companies should rationalize IT staffing cost by hiring experts or teams depending on the project in hand. Last but not the least, a clear understanding of the delivery frameworks and capability maturity levels of the outsourcing partner is necessary before taking the decision to outsource.

BluEnt offers maximum value in service with flexible delivery models, subject-matter experts, and metric-driven reporting and monitoring to deliver on SLAs. BluEnt uses the strength of IT for clients to optimize business performance and produce results. BluEnt is a reliable partner for capability and technology outsourcing for top brands such as HBO, Capgemini, SunPower, Alsbridge, PinkMemo, GreatSkin, Luxury Marketing Council Texas, ATSNJ, GBCC, CCC, CINS, Onurfingers, Reward Networks and TPRM. BluEnt has a global presence in the US, Canada and New Delhi.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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