BluEnt decodes the key characteristics of a successful Appreneurs

Houston; Texas, 31st July 2017: BluEnt has observed a steep rise in the app builders and app enterprises. Per an article, “The app economy was expected to cross the unimaginative figure of $143 billions by the end of 2016.” As per another research and article by Appster, “The number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is projected to rise to $ 253.91 up from 53.33 billion in 2012. This works out to an average of 37 apps per person on the surface of the earth.”The same article reveals, “Users are increasingly downloading paid mobile apps. While the number of paid mobile apps in 2011 was 2.89 billion, that number is likely to grow seven folds up to 14.78 billion in 2017.”

The booming app economy has resulted in appreneurs selling their apps for billions. A great example of a successful appreneur is Chad Mureta who built an app empire. He has created more than 50 mobile applications, which per a research have been downloaded at least 150 million times around the globe. Success stories of other appreneurs such as Brian Wong and Robert Nay are some other awe-inspiring examples.

If you aim to follow in the footsteps of these app entrepreneurs, BluEnt has decoded 4 characteristics for you which are key to success to building apps which amass followers.

Love for simplicity – Simple is stylish:

Your idea may be unique. Your idea may be innovative. But it will still fail if you do not simplify chores of your app’s users. Simplicity has been the key to every success in the app world. The whole purpose when designing the app is to not have users confused with complicated features and distractions.

Uber is perceived to be one of the most ‘user-friendly’ apps in the world of applications. They have provided customers with simple and focused features yet keep their app stylish and ahead of the game. The most successful apps are based on simple ideas and deliver a product that is still stylish and refined.

Faster, innovative, flexible – Key Characteristic of Application Entrepreneurs – :

We have been in the mobile app industry for over a decade and we have seen it expand, grow and change exponentially. In order to adapt to this ever-changing field, successful appreneurs have been constantly innovative in making plans and decisions and executing them.

Mobile app development typically takes place in cycles. During these phases, appreneurs should be ready to make many iterations based on changing needs and feedback. For instance, if a competitor generates an app idea that is very similar then it calls for some quick thinking on part of the appreneur. They either need to come up with a completely new plan or tweak the old one. With an innovative and a flexibe mindset the appreneurs can tackle every situation and obstacle with ease.

Appreneurs have true learning skills: They learn from their failed apps:

Learning from the failed apps to see what has not worked before is one of the best ways to understand the app world. When the entrepreneurs study the apps that couldn’t impress the customers, it becomes clearer as to what not to include in the new concept. There have been so many cases of successful businessmen who have emerged as Phoenix over the ashes of their fallen empires. Steve Jobs is perhaps the best testament to our statement.

A brilliant monetization model and utilization of marketing skills:

Most users, especially Android app users are hesitant to pay for apps – this is where working on a monetization model becomes very tricky for the app developers. The real challenge for the appreneurs is to give users a super product that is free of charge.

The gaming app, Subway Surfer, a free app attracted a lot of users. It had exactly what the users needed to keep them hooked to the game. The game, however, had an intelligent app monetization model that consisted of in-app purchases and videos. The gamers had to use them if they wanted extra lives or some cool benefits to help them surf through their way through the game.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP BluEnt Technologies, “Having killer mmarketing tactics is the solution to getting your target audience using your app. A good research is required when building an app to understand how it should be marketed. A great marketing strategy helps the app acquire the ‘right’ visibility from the very beginning.”

BluEnt’s journey from working on creating office solutions to developing custom mobile applications which serve your business requirements is a success story in itself. We can help create viable solutions which are marketable and profitable in the long run. Our team of experienced consultants can sit with you to create marketing strategies, MVPs and effective solutions that boost your business off ground.

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Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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