Shortcomings of Mobile App Analysis: BluEnt Elaborates

New Delhi, India, October 30th, 2017: Mobile app developers are constantly developing apps on one or the other concept. The app marketplace is becoming more competitive every passing day. The only way to survive in this ambitious developing industry is to understand the mathematics behind the success or the failure of an app. After putting hours and days in developing the mobile application, the developer and the stakeholders want to know about analytics behind it. Everyone wants to know how their app is performing or how it is being used by the users. Mobile app marketing analysis adds logical meaning to the whole idea of developing an app.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEnt outlined a thought which states “Mobile app intelligence is measured by the strength of the mobile app analysis process. With millions of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, your app would only outshine others if you learn constantly from your analytical data. As we have experienced with our past clients, accumulating data is simpler than utilizing it and eventually, you need a tailor-made mobile app analysis tool.”

A successful app has thousands of users using it every day which generates plenty of statistical data and handling this data could be tricky. Imagine that every time someone opens an app, fill in the detailed profile or use it differently from usual path, a developer would gather these details without knowing what exactly to do with it. Data gets stored in the tables and it will pile on the data in its raw form.

Another side of the coin, a developer tracks every step & movement of the users on the mobile app which leads to information overload. Although, it becomes a challenge to understand which information to track or to not.

Lastly, the data analysis, even by definition, is a concept of applying statistical data to organize, describe, evaluate and eventually, convert the shortcomings into the strengths. It can’t be calculated just by looking at the numbers and figures. This is a wide concept which needs analysis and visualization before approaching the why and the how of the stats.

App analysis is the backbone of the success of an app. It is helpful in understanding your users, to overcome the challenges and to foresee the future potential in the market. One can visualize the data in the form of charts or videos, for instance, Google Analytics have numerous options to explore and gather raw data.

BluEnt has reached milestones in a mobile app development industry locally and internationally with a skillful team of developers who can deliver a strategized and cross-platform app to ensure that you really can overcome the analytical challenge.

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