BluEnt Encourages Facebook App 360-Degree Photo Feature

New Delhi, India, September 11th, 2017: In the age of social media, everyone has their own reasoning for clicking pictures and sharing it with friends and family. People want to impress others, capture a memory or use pictures as a tool of marketing.

Facebook has recently introduced an interesting feature of capturing a 360-degree picture in desktop, iOS, and Android. Update your Facebook app now, click a pano image through 360 photo option in the sphere and upload an image into your News Feed. It gets as simple as clicking any other picture. One can click and share 360 photo images directly on their timeline or can add in an album. Facebook has also added new features like zoom in on the spherical pictures and tag friends on it. These 360-degree shots can also be used as covered photos (for a change). This feature is already becoming a new rage among youngsters and ardent social media users.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt shares his views, “Innovation brings out a competition and a little competition brings out an amazing innovation. It is a vice-versa situation. In this competitive world, standalone cameras and apps are must if it suits your lifestyle or profession. But if you are taking panoramic pictures while traveling or once in a long time, downloading an app specifically for this feature doesn’t make sense. Facebook has smartly introduced this feature in their app for everyone to enjoy the technology whenever they want. BluEnt looks forward in proposing this feature idea in our current social media app projects too.”

BluEnt has a strong team of app developers who are developing successful social media apps like Sameswag, community apps like Community Musician to name a few. BluEnt is a mobile app developing company with the large team of developers and engineers working in mobile application development for many years. BluEnt designs and develops mobile apps, web portals, custom software, e-commerce and online tools.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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