BluEnt Explains The Importance of Performance And Load Testing For Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have taken over our lives, and it is important to ensure that the apps are functional and cater to individual needs. One way of doing so is through mobile app testing.

New Delhi, India, December 11th, 2017: To put it very simply, one of the main reasons why mobile app testing is essential is to make sure that the apps are working to their fullest potential; more importantly, they should not only lure in newer customers, but should retain old ones. As it is statistics show that user experience and user engagement is extremely tough on the mobile platform; however, mobile apps seem to be forever on the rise. But there’s a reason why you prefer some apps over others; this is largely due to user interface and user experience.

BluEnt explains why performance and load testing is of the utmost importance before launching a mobile app:

  • Ecommerce testing
    If you are planning to launch an ecommerce app, performance and load testing is a must. Since this is ecommerce we’re speaking of, your app is going to bring in a lot of traffic. Is your user interface capable enough to handle that? Statistics show that the abandonment rate, as far as ecommerce mobile apps are concerned, is pretty high. The formula is simple. If you can’t keep your audiences hooked, they wouldn’t think twice before moving on.

  • Load rate
    Most customers fail to understand that a desktop and mobile are two different platforms altogether. They are of the opinion that the websites or the application should open on their phones at the same rate as it does on their desktops. Unless it does, they’ll find another application that fulfills their demands, no matter how unrealistic they seem.

  • Competitors galore
    Customers are pretty ruthless. If you fail to meet their expectations, they would move on to another competitor app that gives them what they want. But you see what that leads to? Your competitors gain the customers you lost, and that’s never good for business. Instead, if you manage to optimize the performance of your mobile application, that will yield better results and even customer retention.

  • Memory usage and battery consumption
    These are two of the most common complaints that app developers receive about mobile applications. Checking how much memory your app would be taking up or if it causes the phone battery to dry out faster than it should is a part of performance testing.

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