BluEnt Talks About Ready-made Vs Custom Made E-commerce Stores

New Delhi, India, January 2nd, 2018: E-commerce trend is expanding in almost every industry for many reasons. It keeps your business in the competitive environment which leads to better exposure and productivity. Most businesses want a shopping cart on their official website for the customer assistance. It is a prolonged debate between readymade e-commerce stores and custom-made e-commerce stores. One should take a careful decision among pre-configured tool or invest in a custom modified tool.

Mostly smaller businesses and businesses with no priority of online sale choose readymade e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce etc. On the other side, bigger businesses which are heavily relying on e-commerce websites for sale prefer custom e-commerce web development process for its flexibility to modify and adapt as per businesses. While developing a website on readymade platform considered to be more economic to your budget plans and it comes along with the guidebook for maintenance, yet this would not be a flexible option for your business needs. This explains that the strategy of saving money on the website development may cost an organization later due to its limitations.

BluEnt explains few benefits of developing custom-made online stores over readymade online stores.

Exclusive design

Custom made e-commerce website provides with the benefits of tailor-made designs which caters to the business requirements of the enterprise. One has an opportunity to select designs and functionality of their choice to make customer experience smoother and pleasant. Unlike readymade websites, customized e-commerce application offers you more ideas for showcasing your services or products.

Marketing Flexibility

Readymade stores offer limited ways to showcase the product information or price range. If the business is relying majorly on online sale, custom e-commerce tools are the best choice to cater your clients. With the customized tool, one can display as many numbers of products or services as they want, make frequent edits in the information, start special exclusive discounts or promotions as per the target audience needs.

Data Storage

Data storage is one of the main criteria for the success and failure of any shopping website. Readymade tools have limited space to make changes and modifications, on the other hand, custom tools provide full storage backup with greater authority over information and data.

Tailor-made e-commerce stores stand out in the performance and user experience point of view. BluEnt, web development firm, rigorously works with the sturdy team of millennials who understands the potential gamut of online shopping inside out. Get in touch with your project idea and explore more ways to achieve the successful results.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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