Here are top 3 Social media app trends dominating 2017

Houston, 04 May, 2017: If we look at social media industry, it’s not alarming that consumer engagement and networking via Internet and applications is at its peak today. Whether its audio/video chat app or including ‘news feeds’ or ‘stories’, it seems like all the possibilities of social network and interaction have been covered and addressed. However, there are many new and interesting ideas and trends to create unique social network platforms that keep emerging. The more unique the idea is, the more appealing it becomes to the consumers.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, adds, “With so many developments in the social media industry, it is considered to be one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world today. It is at times the most unpredictable ones to because you have no idea when an old idea such as a virtual reality gains huge popularity or a new technology suddenly changes the social game such as Snapchat.” Last year, we had seen the emergence of several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. Here are the 3 app trends that are already conquering the year 2017. These new trends will be a game changer for the social media industry and us this year.

Video on the go:

Facebook Live, the biggest one in the market as of now, has gained tremendous popularity. Instagram followed suit. This year we have already seen one of the new features being introduced by Facebook launching 360-degree capabilities. Business can use live videos on a bigger level to generate higher consumer engagement such as recording a crowded event etc.

Taking ecommerce to the next level:

We have seen social media apps allowing consumers to buy products directly from the apps. We even witnessed Snapchat launching ecommerce features in 2016. Sajeel Khanna, comments, “Businesses could leverage these new trends when working their social media strategy for 2017. They can make the content more interactive by adding a product demonstration videos which is accessible anytime, anywhere”

Virtual Reality: Sharing your story:

Consumers do prefer videos to content. The newest video content format – ‘virtual reality’ is going to gain momentum this year because of it creates an immersive, memorable experience.

When designing any social media application, the element that defines success is the features and trends. Accordingly, to Sajeel, the focus should be on how the app is going to be different from the other existing media platforms, the unique feature in the application that will attract potential users and how the social media application will benefit the users.

Sajeel Khanna, adds, “With new and profound trends emerging every year what we must not forget is that social media is constantly changing and we need to prepare for any changes that comes for our way. It has always been important for us at BluEnt to spend some time to reflect on the innovations and transformations to social landscape. Developing a social media app is not at all simple however with our valuable experts who always stay updated with the latest trends; we have been able to build lucratively undefeated products.”

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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