Time to go back to the basics – and for all the good reasons!

Time to go back to the basics – and for all the good reasons!

Houston – 4th December, 2017: The true purpose of intranet portal is not lost in web 2.0. If anything, businesses and companies are all the more keen on establishing enterprise intranet solutions for their employees to enhance collaboration, offer seamless communication and transfer business intelligence back and forth. Modern intranet has a wonderfully broad spectrum of applications, which make it an indispensable business tool for daily usage for employees.

Why should you opt for intranet web application development? Does your business really need it? Before you find out why, try answering the questions below:

  • Do you feel you have a great team but they can be more productive?

  • Does your team feel frustrated because of a lack of streamlined communication channel?

  • Can you feel you can inculcate a better culture inside your company?

An enterprise intranet will serve five essential purposes in your organization:

  • It will deliver consolidated content to your employees.

  • It will be a one-stop communication tool.

  • It will enhance collaboration amongst teams

  • It will support the company culture And;

  • It will offer better productivity and efficiency

Let’s discuss what key intranet goals and objectives you can achieve:

  • Productivity
    The sole objective of intranet portal is to enhance the productivity of its users. Technically speaking, an intranet is the first thing employees see in the morning and the last thing they log out of before leaving the office. Easy access to varied information, quick query and ticket generation system, leave management system, attendance management system and payroll management systems are just some of the many faces of corporate intranet features. When you add a good interface and include paperless communication, you’ll have robust intranet features that staffs love. The results would be before your eyes soon – boosted productivity without the monotony of mundane tasks.

  • Effective corporate communication
    A company intranet portal is the employee window into corporate information and business tools. This is why it is an excellent place for top management to communicate with their employees. With a common platform, every morning the management will be able to:

    • Announce new policies and initiatives

    • Publish important notifications

    • Strengthen company culture and business core values

    • Identify star performers

    • Gather honest feedback and address grievances

    All of these constitute for effective corporate communication.

  • Good intranet features streamline processes
    What makes a good intranet? Their ability to streamline and automate several mundane processes. Modern intranets not only house static information, they are strategic tools for business related work. They offer robust solutions to daily chores which can be automated but end up taking several non-productive hours when done manually. Several companies allow their custom intranets to document employee details, track appraisals and integrate CRM and task management.

  • A social ecosystem for enabling communication
    Several teams in office never communicate if they do not work with each other directly. This is especially true in larger organizations. However, companies can ensure better communication between employees with intranet portals. With social and collaboration tools in-built into the interface, not only do employees have access to work-related data, they can view what other teams are upto, volunteer for CSR activities and network and share with people outside their work-roles.

  • Knowledge management
    One of the intranet must have features is its ability to manage resources. With several collaborative tools, company intranets can capture, organize and retrieve information and act as in-house content houses for employees and management alike. They can read blogs, add comments, offer feedback and start discussion threads. In short, the intranets serve as knowledge libraries which boost corporate intellect as a whole.

At BluEnt, we love to discuss our client projects in formal meetings rather than web-meets and skype calls. This is because, as custom solution providers, we believe in knowing the culture of your organization before we work on your project. When we know who you are and what you offer, we can create better solutions for your business. Best company intranets are mirrors of organization. They offer a preview of the core values and identity of the company. If you’re looking for an intranet web application developer, get in touch today!

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