Apple vs. Android: The Battle Continues. BluEnt Uncovers The Best Platform For Business Apps

New York, USA – 28 November, 2017: Apple and Android, the most dominating software in the operating system ecosystem, have been playing the tug of war since years. According to an article online, “n 2017, both iOS and Android together share 96% portion of the mobile market. 5 years back, in 2012, Android with its 21.5% share of the world’s mobile market would seem a loser comparing to iOS 61%. Now, over just a half of a decade, the situation has dramatically changed. In 2017 Android owes 64% of the world’s mobile market, which is twice higher than iOS does (32%). With the 82% growth in net revenue during 2016, Android still stays behind iOS (which has grown by 60% during the last year). The difference is quite evident: having a half as many users, Apple App Store brought in almost 64% more revenue.”

Both the platforms hold significant strengths and weaknesses leaving the business world quite confused on the most suitable platform for their applications. This is where BluEnt’s top experts give you a quick look at their analysis and data on the preferred platform “iOS”for most types of businesses.

iOS software’s security system is unbeatable:

In comparison to Android, Apple’s security operating system is perceived to be way more secure and reliable. Apple, having given most priority to security had developed a set of APIs that companies could coat on top of EAS (Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync) through a mobile device management server. Apple has worked on intensifying the APIs since its creation. They have integrated more potential and proficiency around device management, content management and acesss management. Using Apple’s APIs, Google, over the years has tried to strengthen their security system. However, the malware threat is still a great concern for Android.

Every time when a new version of iOS gets launched it goes active on most devices within a month of its release. The IT is assured that both corporate-provisioned and user-provided devices are up-to-date. This isn’t true for Android versions. As per analysis of various resources online, new Android versions take years to get a good number of installed bases. 6 months after Marshmallow was released it was deployed on only 8 percent of active devices. This means, that the IT has to handle various versions of Android, with different security abilities. The way they manage this is by taking the lowest-common-denominator approach to security policies. This way they are able to support the older Android devices that are being used by a relatively huge number of people.

iOS performs better

The applications developed for iOS is of a higher quality as compared to Android. The iOS mobile operating system is quite specific with regards to what it accepts and allows. As mentioned before, most of the android phones are not up to date and hence it is difficult for any app developer to make apps that can function at the optimum high quality level.

iOS can amend bugs swiftly and it doesn’t affect the entire system. This is not true incase of Android. When an app in Android phone crashes, it creates issues in the entire phone and system. People need to restart the phone to be able to use it again.

iOS software offers more business-oriented applications:

Both iOS and Android have innumerable apps. However, when it comes to the business-oriented apps, Android used to only offer the basic email and calendar app and till this date it has not been able to provide a great list of business third-party apps.

Apple was quite swift in supporting volume business licenses. iOS provided a great quality of email and calendar apps from the very beginning and it motivated app developers to build remarkable business savvy apps such as Adobe Reader, Evernote, OmniFocus, Scanner Pro, Dropbox, iThoughts, Grafio, Microsoft Office etc. With IBM and SAP partnerships, Apple has shown great commitment on bringing business apps on iOS. Android still doesn’t have that support and needs to work on it.

Apple with their consistent chase to get support from enterprises has even managed to convince Microsoft to incorporate iOS as an integral part of their all-platforms app policy. Though Android is a big player in the outside world, BluEnt predicts iOS to be the best platform in the business zone in the coming years as well.

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