BluEnt conducts sprint review for its agile software product development projects

New Delhi, 3rd July 2017: In the world of software development there has been the evolvement of new project management strategies. These approaches have been bringing about a new sense of purpose. At BluEnt the sprint review approach involves inspection and adaptation. This is so that they can eradicate waste and look for constant improvement. By adding the agile format BluEnt has been able to gain improvements in speed, minimization of costs and better outcomes for their software product development projects.

BluEnt has introduced 3 significant tips this year that have helped them to conduct an effective and successful sprint review for their agile product development projects.

  • Purpose and Preparation:
    Understanding the purpose of the sprint review meeting and the benefits it’s going to bring to the project is key. According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP,”The main agenda for the sprint review is to understand ‘what to do next’ and not to swayed by focusing on the demo or the success of the product.”

    A run through of the demo before the meeting can help in avoiding any mishaps during the meeting.

  • Defining what’s done:
    One of the main reasons for BluEnt’s successful sprint review is to have defined what ‘done’ means for the story. The team is aware and uses the demo to prove what’s done in a more realistic way. They usually focus the review around a user solving a real problem shows that the software works and that it’s valuable.

  • Informal short meetings:
    By keeping the meetings informal BluEnt creates a very comfortable environment. If the review is kept short and interesting by covering what’s valuable about each feature, Sajeel adds, “It leaves more room for discussing the overall project, feedback and what to do next.”

    The secret to BluEnt’s sprint review success stories is the opportunity it has provided to the custom software developers to celebrate success and work on failures that keeps their moral high.

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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