Does your outsourcing web application development team have “Productive Developers”?

Can non-productive developers hinder web development project progress? BluEnt tries to find out.

Toronto, Ontario – August 14, 2017: In his book The Mythical Man month, Dr. Frederick P. Brooks mentions that the productivity of a great developer is thrice more than an average developer and is nearly 10 times more than a bad developer. Conclusion? Good developers are rare. To develop web application, you need great developers who are loch ness monsters.

Some of the world’s best developers not only excel at writing solid codes but have a healthy mix of quintessential traits which are intangible.

How productive are the web developers you have on your outsourcing team might be the game changer after all.

And no, productivity does not equal speed.

Your developer might complete a project in half the expected time. Whether the application adheres to specifications, its usability, scalability and security – the inclusion of these factors contribute to having a successful web application and in turn, a productive web developer.

According to BluEnt, the most productive web developers have these traits:

  • A customer-centric approach to custom web application development
    A productive web developer cares about the product he is working on. No matter what innovative breakthrough a company is working on, everything boils down to the end user ultimately.

    Too often, this is lost in the shuffle to sprint, develop and repeat. Developers become so much engrossed in the greatest and latest technologies that they forger that user experience will bring them revenues and a steady user base.

    Productive programmers never lose sight of this fact, which is why, they are distinct.

  • Security is just another feature – Said no productive web developer ever
    Numerous studies indicate that most online businesses are breached via their web application since they are consistently exposed on the world-wide web.

    For a productive web app developer, adding security is not just another feature that should be included in the app. Security features HAVE to be present in the application from the very start.

    This issue more concerning as nearly 86% businesses are vulnerable for security breaches such as SQL injection, Shell injection due to lack of proper safety barriers.

    Instead of a cavalier approach for security aspect, the top 1% coders are pretty serious about their apps being safe for users and businesses to do financial transactions and store confidential information.

  • Namastey, Hola, Bon Jour, Guten Tag – A productive web developer is a supreme conversationalist
    Good Communication is equal to Good Development.

    Awesome developers understand problems clearly, fragment them into hypotheses and propose solutions coherently. They also ask the right questions and offer the right inputs. Most outsourcing technology partners have developers who are fluent in multiple languages including English. Most technical documentation available today is in English. It is the defacto language for creating and sharing technical knowledge. Thus, for all collaborations, it helps when your web app developers are multi-lingual with a fluent command in English as well.

  • Productive Developers understand the necessity of architecture
    The focus of most web applications today is on providing seamless user experience. Developers aim to provide easily navigable and well-designed applications to users. However, architecture plays an important part in your overall application development. It impacts maintenance, security, scalability and flexibility. A steady architecture may take time to design, but goes a long way when you want to develop scalable applications.

    Great developers know this and this is why they do not divert themselves from architectural front.

  • Time and Task Management comes easily to Productive Web Developers
    Great web developers are very reliable. They have a strong work ethic. They not only manage themselves but are able to handle their clients and leaders too. They are always on time for meetings, give nearly exact estimates for time taken to complete a given project and demonstrate exceptional micromanagement skills.

  • Awesome web developers carry broad technical experience with ability to grasp new things quickly
    The most productive developers have expertise in a handful of technologies and at the same time, they are competent with many others. They carry a broad experience in technical development, have in-depth knowledge about coding standards and can combine their cognitive abilities to create solutions which create an impact.

    They have a quick learning ability. They can pick up on new technologies by themselves and are not afraid of new challenges.

    When you work on web application development, your web application developer is going to be your point of contact frequently. Make sure that your web application development company offers you a rich mix of team members coming from diverse web and app development background.

    At BluEnt, we have a team of over 20 developers and designers to develop web application. We offer solutions which address your specific business needs and give your customers a seamless web browsing experience. Get in touch today to know more about our services.

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