BluEnt emphasizes the power of prototyping, iterating and improving

New Delhi, 16th July 2017: BluEnt, one of the largest IT organizations, has highlighted the vitality of prototyping in a mobile app’s design process. Some while ago the best tools available for this type of prototyping was paper, pencil, and scissors. The software developers in the IT industry have been currently using an agile approach to create mobile apps since the emergence of smartphones. The invention of devices with different screen sizes and operating system led to the adoption of iterative, rapid product development processes processes by organizations such as BluEnt.

BluEnt recognized the potency of prototyping, iterating and improving a few years ago, Offering insight into the significance of rapid prototyping, Sajeel Khanna, SVP, states, “We have realized that to bring about perfection in any project deliverable it requires ‘trying’ several times before we get there. The power of practicing can facilitate transformation of the creative vision into reality, improve the final product and then perfect that insight through quick iterations.”

The design process used by the software developers in BluEnt is creating, testing and iteration. In every project, the organization involves real users and those involved in the design process to gather feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The developers use the fast-paced iterations that help them to identify usability issues and corrected before they are coded, spend less time confirming that all the changes are in order and devote all their attention to creating the perfect design.

Prototyping is also being used as a communication tool for over 3-4 years. According to BluEnt, it is an interaction process that excites both consumers and clients. It is perceived to be a powerful method of presenting a design to the clients. It helps in communicating about the product in a more in-depth form with the clients and other stakeholders.

In response to the enquiry on how prototyping has overall benefited BluEnt in the last couple of years, Sajeel says, “It has built a greater user interaction and a constructive mix of user testing and iterations. This has provided a platform for us to get a way deeper-level understanding of how the product is being experienced by the consumer. We can go through the user journeys and ensure they have been recorded accurately and communicated effectively. It enables our software development team to create more streamlined and near-perfect designs for our clients post the feedback from the users”

Ava Smith
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEnt | +1 647 478 5230

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