BluEnt Predicts Upcoming Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2017

What’s coming up next for enterprise mobile apps in 2017?

Toronto, ON – January 23rd 2016: Enterprise mobility is on everyone’s radar going into the next eleven months. To better understand how to tailor our services to drive value for our clients, BluEnt took to industry research to find out which trends are impacting operational efficiency today. As Andrew Brown from Strategy Analytics stated in a press release, “Real business success, or failure, will hinge on how enterprise IT teams proceed with mobile technology in 2017.”

Trend Alert #1: IoT app development isn’t slowing down – it’s speeding up.

According to Forbes, the rule of the Internet of Things is that “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” The IoT industry is nothing short of revolutionizing app development, and the companies that integrate it first will see the biggest returns in 2017. This especially organizations in the industries of healthcare construction, and education, where technological innovation is transforming operational standards at a faster and faster rate.

For app developers, constant experimentation in IoT solutions is going to define the coming year. The media technology reporter YourStory predicts that there will be a focus on enhancing complex mobile platforms and fortifying enterprise backend infrastructure with the ability to communicate and share data between a wide range of devices. This also implies that there will be an intense need for quality IT data analytics to ensure that the enormous amounts of data being stored and shared can be accessed with efficiency.

Trend Alert #2: Are you on the Cloud yet?

The global market growth forecast for public IT cloud services sits at 16.5% according to Statista. As cloud computing technology gets more and more efficient and secure, the already overwhelming customer demand is only increasing. Developers like BluEnt must prepare to keep up with the ever-changing standards of custom application development in the year ahead.

To learn more about the future of cloud-based apps, check out our press release on the topic here.

Trend Alert #3: Wearables will become the new norm.

Statista estimated that the market for wearable technology reached almost $3 million in 2016 and is expected to increase to over $4 million in 2017. Considering that employees using it reported an 8.5% increase in productivity as well as a 3.5% increase in job satisfaction, it’s not hard to see why this trend is taking off.

In 2017, watch out for new developments in augmented reality and virtual reality as well. Not just for games anymore, these innovative tools will soon be used in enterprise mobile apps as key forms of communication out of the office.

Trend Alert #4: Location Based Services (LBS) comes to enterprise mobility.

First mobile devices replaced the GPS. Now, the Google Maps app on your phone will become replaced by custom location-based apps. In 2017, LBS with real-time information will be the newest innovation in both the mobile app industry and business travel and navigation. With location awareness, mobile workers will approach all forms of transportation differently from finding their way around an indoor facility to being alerted to catch their flight.

Trend Alert #5: User Experience (UX) just keeps getting better.

The number one sign of any great mobile app development company is a flawless user experience. Although this goal is always in the back of a developer’s mind, 2017 will be the year of taking practical measures to tap into unfulfilled UX potential.

This includes faster loading times, offline app functionality, and more nuanced analytics tracking user behaviour to improve UI features.

Furthermore, native apps will see a greater accessibility to mobile hardware, such as the device’s camera, microphone, accelerometer and more. The most important application of this is to react to the remaining battery life, as power has been an increasing concern for organizations implementing enterprise mobility.

Trend Alert #6: The Security and Privacy of Mobile Apps

Given the massive amount of personal information on smartphones, security will be a top priority of enterprise mobile app development in 2017 as the industry grows. This will include developers taking preventative measures such as strong data encryption and in-built security features. Businesses will have to take care when choosing their developers to ensure that they provide such services for their app.

BluEnt’s Response

BluEnt’s vast portfolio of enterprise mobile applications puts our team in an advantageous position going forward in 2017. Our dedication to discovering and crafting the most innovative solutions for our clients has given us valuable experience with these trends that we will leverage in the coming months.

In particular, BluEnt’s cloud application developers will prepare for increased demand in joining and converting to the cloud, as organizations progressively see its advantage over legacy on-premise counterparts. Furthermore, BluEnt’s creative designers and UX experts will be well-positioned to work with the growing number of enterprises looking to implement the highest standards of user-centered design (UCD).

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