Why Companies Are Using Live Chat To Generate More Business?

BluEnt explains why Live Chat software is untapped potential for small businesses

New York, USA – 11 December, 2017: While online shopping does provide the comfort of buying from the comfort of your home, it does not offer the personal connect of a brick and mortar store. You don’t find assistants who can guide you around the store. Over 62% customers return to an online business which offers live chat feature, according to the live chat statistics 2017.

As it turns out, why customers prefer live chat is because of the sense of personalization it offers. Convenient answers to customer queries; support to staff and managing the traffic flow are just a few of several benefits of live chat.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt, “Customer is God. They always were. Even in the old fashioned era without internet, businesses had to rely on telephone lines to take down complaints or assist the customers in the store. Things have not changed that much. They’ve only modified. What used to be a real-life assistant following a customer and help him through the store, there are super-smart programs which do the same for you on your phone and laptops.”

So, does live chat increase sales?

We’ll let you be the judge of that after seeing what it can do for your business!

Live chat is convenient for your online shoppers

A recent study conducted by Forrested Research found out that 44% of online shoppers feel that having your queries answered in the middle of your purchase is a crucial feature of an eCommerce website.

It only makes sense. With an inline support system, customers have immediate access when looking for help. There are no ticket generations and waiting times are reduced significantly.

Win-win for everyone!

You can save those bucks for expanding your business

Most new businesses shun away from working with live chat service providers because they fear it would burn a hole in their pockets. On the contrary, live chat only cuts down your expenses. Imagine not having to pay for contact centers, hiring several representatives to handle incoming calls, texts, and messages by allowing one individual to handle several requests and offering customized services to your clients. This 3-in-1 multi-tasking is possible only with live chat feature.

Moreover, when your employees spend less time on phone solving queries, they will spend more time on handling several chats and mails simultaneously and the costs will just be a fraction of what you will pay a call center.

Live chats boost sales

A salient aspect of live chat is that help is just a click away. This is the impression your online customer gets when he sees the ‘May I help you’ box. How many times have you left a transaction mid-way because you could not find the right color or the page did not load? Minor trifles like these can make or break businesses.

When you have live chat in place, you can effectively answer any and all queries a stuck buyer may have. The result? Lead conversion and business revenue!

Now that you know why Live Chat is good for you, here are some extra tips to make live chat go extra mile for your business.

You can thank us later!

  • Train your team. Your support agents must have in-depth knowledge of your website and inventory. Offer them cheat sheets and FAQs for solving common and not-so-common issues quickly.

  • Make sure you are equipped during peak hours. Keep yourself informed of peak traffic hours on your web-store. This will allow you to put more chat representatives to help address the additional footfall.

  • The whole point of having a live chat feature on your website is to offer your customers personalized services. Refrain from mechanical and clichéd greetings and responses.

  • Not all chat features would be good for your business. If you’re doing it for the first time, make sure to work with experienced live chat app developers like BluEnt who can created tailor made solutions for your business.

We hope these tips help you lift your business brand off the ground. Get in touch if you’re looking for a live chat app development company in USA.

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