BluEnt Highlights The Fundamentals in Its Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce App Development

New Delhi, India, November 28th, 2017: Mobile shopping has become an aggressive trend and is still on the rise in the ecommerce world. According to an article, “The worldwide E-Commerce sales using mobile app platform would soar to more than $160 billion.”

Technology has done its thing; we are living in a generation where customers around the globe have become really comfortable with online ‘mobile’ transactions.

According to BluEnt, the masters of ecommerce app development, customers nowadays spend more time on their mobile devices than on desktop or laptops.

So yes, there is a lot of profit in the online business. However, when it comes to the ecommerce app – the development, operations and maintenance of the app is not as simple as the shopping experience for the end consumer.

From choosing the right technology to ensuring it is cost effective – every phase of the development, operations and maintenance defines the future of the ecommerce app.

BluEnt has underlined the 3 fundamentals in its quintessential guide to ecommerce app development.

  • Fundamental 1: The layout
    The layout is a big deal because the users are now interacting with businesses on a smaller screen. There is lesser space for controls, pictures, content etc. The placement of these elements and other tabs need to be such that the screen looks organized and attractive enough for the consumer. It should be simple, easy and yet creating a thrilling experience. Crowding the app will not help in magnifying engagement with the app.

  • Fundamental 2: The Payment Gateway
    This does come in a later part of the development phase, however, it is one of the most significant element in the success of any business app. One payment mishap and the news will be all over social media – not to mention a huge loss for the business because people will start uninstalling immediately. Yes, people have found that ease with online transactions and this has been established through the secure payment gateways used by most successful ecommerce websites and apps. With the secured gateway, the customers know that their card and bank details are safe. Also, not to forget – simplify the checkout process

  • Fundamental 3: The feature set
    The features of the app need to have the ‘engagement’ factor. You can’t afford to have every feature on the application. It is just going to make the experience messy. The key to having a great feature set is to define which features fall under the ‘must have’ list that is going to be valuable to the mobile ecommerce business.

    According to BluEnt app developers it is necessary for the app to be integrated with the latest technologies. They have worked on many successful ecommerce app development projects. They have been able to help their clients score big and make a difference in the ecommerce world by picking the best options for their business.

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