Rest in Peace Voicemail: Welcome Live Answering Service

Now that voicemail is nearly obsolete, BluEnt talks about some of it’s better alternatives to can help you reach more customers.

Toronto, ON – 13th November, 2017: Fortune Magazine in 2006 reported that 86% callers hang up if they hear a voice-mail system on the other end. On the other hand, they are 8 times more likely to leave information with live customer care representatives, as per a 2007 report from Sales Digest.

Clearly, businesses today cannot rely on voice-mail for reaching out to new customers and generating leads. Gone are the days when the good old voice-mails were the charm and busi-nesses got return calls from prospective customers. With mobile phones and data services em-powering your next-door shopper, no one bothers to even listen to a machine on the other side of the call.

After all, when users don’t have time to talk to real humans, asking them to be patient with a machine is only torture!

Some recent studies show that the young, tech-savvy generation is increasingly thinking of the voice-mail as a total time waste. Marketing Sherpa’s survey reported that 72% American adults communicate with companies via email.

At BluEnt, our consultants often receive requests on businesses asking how to reach customers effectively. What we tell the business owners is what we’ll tell you today.

Your business sales and marketing strategy needs to be rethought to appeal GenXers and millennials who are increasing taking decisive roles across industry verticals. Only when you devise innovative ways to reach customers, will you succeed in making your business profitable. You need 8-10 attempts to reach a prospect and there’s so much you can do to engage your audience. you have direct email, social media, content marketing and of course, a live answering service.

How to reach potential customers with Live Answering Service:

Live answering is a boon to customers who relied heavily on reaching customers through Voicemail. Since Voice-mail is no longer as popular, live answering can remove your business roadblocks:

Why live answering works?

  • All calls are answered and rarely do users disconnect.

  • Live answering has people available 24*7, which guarantees round the clock service.

  • Your caller details are just a click away.

  • Any and all information pertaining to your client can be directly forwarded to your sales repre-sentatives.

The final decision – Voicemail vs Live Answering Service

In the parley between voicemail and live answering service, the latter wins the grounds without argument. Technology advances and so does it’s users. People today find live answering services more engaging than the drab, dull voicemail. Before you begin with live answering services, there are a plethora of factors that you need to check out. These include your target audience, the kind of specialist services you require and whether or not you need CRM integration with your service. At BluEnt, our experts can help you identity the right live answering service to attract new customers and offer you excellent integrations like live chat and CRM systems. Ready to take the plunge? Contact us today!

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