BluEnt Highlights The Key Golden Elements of Designing an Impactful Digital Magazine

New York, USA – 18 December, 2017: The creation of digital magazines has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. The future of digital publishing looks bright and steady as people are developing striking covers and interactive, media-rich, personalized, measurable, fully responsive online magazines. Digital magazines have thus undoubtedly transformed a reader’s experience.

The traditional publishing business model has undergone a huge change with the influx of technology and technological components such as apps, mobile devices, blogs and digital content. BluEnt has helped in gathering the 3 golden elements of designing an influential digital magazine.

The Layout: Works as a driving force for attracting more readers

Layout is the first of the golden elements of digital publishing. The layout design has the power to differentiate your online magazine from the rest. The layout in an online magazine is very different from the print magazines. Since it is digital the designers follow new approaches and designs for layout instead of common ‘boxed’ ones in the print versions.

The use of mobile applications on devices that come in different sizes allows the reader to view the digital content in both potrait or landscape modes. Hence, keeping the page at 4.3 ratio ensures that digital pages cover the whole screen in both modes. There’s also an interesting option to use the ‘grid’ layout that can at the same time work as a menu. It can allow the customer to move to the exact location in the magazine.

Typography: Clarity and easy to read options is a must

One great advantage and ofcourse a disadvantage of digital content is the clarity and vagueness it can reflect on devices, depending on the font and formatting that is used. Hence, there are rules to be followed here to allow readers to take away majority of the online content. You should ensure that you use proper fonts. The content should always be correctly formatted with the right amount of space between words. This will help the readers to go through the content easily without any problems.

Photos and Illustrations: Can help in triggering sales

Illustrations and photos play a very significant role in digital publishing. Reading on a phone or tablet can create a greater experience if designers add beautiful pictures and designs. One of the main photos of a digital magazine is the cover, which needs to allure to customers to purchase or open the magazine for further content. It is the cover of the digital magazine that will help in triggering more sales. Though pictures can be a huge expense, there are various options available online and with BluEnt designers to acquire high quality pictures for lower costs.

Ma BluEnt designers have worked on creating the most fascinating digital magazines for both big and small business. These online magazines have helped the businessses to lure in more subscribers and enhance the conversion rates. According to BluEnt, with the world becoming ‘digitized’ in every way, beautifully design digital magazines can prove to be a boon to ‘digital success’.

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